Spanish history before civil war

Timeline created by simplisticsky
  • Church v.s state over education

    In the agreement between the holy see of the catholic church
    and the soveriegn state of spain and rome (the concordat), the
    catholic church had control over education
  • Spanish military overpowered, overstaffed after war

    The spanish military was too powerful and had too manypeople after the the loss of the last remnant of the spanish empire,cuba.
  • Poverty led to pheasant's bloodshed

    Because of poverty, it led to the bloodshed of the working classes/pheasants in 'Tragic Week'when the army fired on protesters
  • Monarchy Spain politically corrupted, regions wanting independence

    Spain was a constituional monarchy along with King Aflonso XIII.Spain was politcally corrupt and bad with the Catalonia and Basque regions wanting independence
  • Spanish army falls to rebellion=big blow to Spanish pride

    Attempting to put down a Morrocan rebellion, a spanish army was massacred- dealing a further blow to the spanish pride
  • General Primo de Rivera protects the monarch,rules till 1930

    General Primo de Rivera protects the monarch,rules till 1930
    General Primo de Rivera took over Spain in a bloodless coup to
    protect the monarchy. He was to rule unitl 1930.
  • Rivera ends Morrocan war, set public work schemes+industrialise

    Rivera eneded the Morrocan battle and introduced public
    work shemes(e.g. roads and railways). There was three times
    the industrial production. He suspended the Cortes Parliament by
    trialing with the freedom of speech.
  • Great depression, unemployment, production and prices down

    Spain was greatly affected by the Great Depression. Unemployment went up, agriculture prices dropped, industrial production
    went down by 50%
  • Lack of army support result in resignment of Rivera as leader

    With the lack of army support, Rivera resigned as government leader
  • Elections held- king abdicated, government splits left+right

    Elections held- king abdicated, government splits left+right
    Elections were held and major cities voted for a republic country.
    The king abdicated to avoid a civil war.The government was
    split into left and right replubicans. One wanted to change
    the social classes to help the proletariat, while the other
    opposed the church, landowners(rich) and military.
  • Azana's government reforms social statuses- e.g nationilised land

    Azana's government reforms social statuses- e.g nationilised land
    -Catalonia has part self government
    -Army officers retire early with half pay
    -Church Jesuits expelled, school RE banned, divorce allowed
    -Large lands were nationilised
  • Overthrowing government fails as army is loyal to the government

    General Sanjuro led an amry coup with the prime minister Manuel Azana
    to overthrow the government. But they failed with the military
    being loyal to the government who won the elections fairly.
  • Republic offends left+right, wanting to overthrow Azana government

    The republic offends the right-
    The Ceda politcal party was formed to protect the interest of
    the Roman catholic church and landlords
    The replubic offends the left-
    the powerful anarchists and syndicalists(trade union groups) felt
    that Azana's government was too moderate.
    Both wanted to overthrow capitalism.
  • Social class reformation angers powers, lead to supporing facists

    -Military, industrialists, landowners and the catholic church
    were angered by the reform
    -With help of the facists, they made a spanish facists party
    called the Falange under the son of Primo, Jose Antonio de Rivera
  • Extreme left rioted, government loses support

    -The extreme left rioted and striked against the government
    -25 people killed by government near Cadiz while catching anarchists
    -The government lose support from working class and lost total
    support from socialists
  • Azana government collaspes, majority support to CEDA=2 yrs

    -The Azana government was no more and so were their reforms
    -CEDA political part got the majority support, thus a government led by Gil Robles was formed.They held power for what the left called
    "two black years"
  • Gen. Franco put down austrian miner's strike, Spain was chaotic

    -Austrian coal miners strike were ruthlessly put down by General Franco's army.
    -Spain was becoming chaotic.
    -The Catalans turned against the government and had their priviliges
  • Election brings Azana back, RIGHTS form coalition=polarisation

    -General election to restore order brought Azana back to government
    (left wing popular front coalition)
    -Right wing formed the national coaltition in reaction= more polarisation
    -Socialists withdrew support as a protest to the moderate popular front government
    -Public disturbances happened as the country started heading into chaos
  • RIGHT's polictician murdered, RIGHTs want dictatorship

    -Leading right wing politician Sotelo was murdered.
    -The right wing agrued that were about to seriously become communist
    -In favour of a general dictatorship, led by General Mol
  • Gen. Franco took control of military etc. CIVIL WAR BEGINS

    Gen. Franco took control of military etc. CIVIL WAR BEGINS
    -General Franco took control of the military, Spanish Morocco and mainland Spain's government.
    -The civil war began