S.M.A.R.T Goal

  • Community Service

    Community Service
    I want to give up some of my free time for other people this year. I'd love to help them with whatever I can.
  • Grades

    I want to have all A's by the time report cards come out on October, 26.
  • Colleges

    I want to start applying for early admission by this date, so that I can be accepted early and be elegable for more scholarships. I have chosen to go to college instead of straight into the working world.
  • ACT

    I plan to have my ACT score up and final, so that I can have plenty of time to send them to my college choices.
  • Financial Aid

    Financial Aid
    As soon as the new year starts, I plan on applying for financial aid to help pay for my college expenses. Most colleges has them due the beginning of the new year for the following Fall semester.
  • Graduation

    GRADUATE Lonoke High School!! :)
  • Move In Day at ATU

    Move In Day at ATU
    I plan to move into Nutt Hall at Arkansas Tech University on this date.