• Hameau de la rein

    Hameau de la rein
    Marie Antoinette creates Hameau de la rein, a costlypeasent villege for her entertainment. angered the fellow villigers because she moced the villige as they were in deppression
  • louis xvi

    louis xvi
    Louis xvi consults jocques necker and dismisses him after necker proposses taxing the first and second estates caused more poverty towards highering taxes
  • maximillion

    Maximillion Robespierre is beheaded
    changed leadership towards revolution
  • Rasputin

    Rasputin’s influence over the czarina(queen) reached its peak. His influence weakened confidence in the goverment
  • red terror

    red terror
    Lenin used brutal tactics known as the “Red terror” to further the Bolshevik revolution Red Terror created a fear in the peasents of Russia caused peasents to be less productive
  • stalin propaganda

    stalin propaganda
    Stalin used propaganda to revive Russian nationalism. propaganda got people to believe his lies temperary