Quebec/ Ontario relations

  • Richard Riot

    Richard Riot
    Richard was supended form the rest of the season and playoffs, becasue he hit a reffery while in the middle of a fight with a hockey player from the oposing team. In reponse, Richard fans protested, (including throwing tear gas), claiming it was due to Richard Francaphone background.
  • The Quiet Revolution

    The Quiet Revolution
    The Quiet Revolution was supported by Quebec society as a push for political independance. This revoltion lasted lasted 6 years, until 1966. Many things came out of the revolution including the fast secularization of society, the creation of a welfare, and the awarness of politics.
  • Nationalization of Electricity

    Nationalization of Electricity
    Quebec's Hydro system had been a source of pride for Quebeckers. In 1962, when the Liberal government made the decision nationalize electrical utilities, it was considerded a indication for Quebec's want for independance. Especially since Quebec was in the middle of their quiet revolution.
  • Medical Care Act

    Medical Care Act
    Quebec decided to join the shared-cost program in 1960. When Lester B. Pearson became Prime Minster again in 1963, he proposed Universal Health Care. Because health care is provincial, Quebec disagreed to be apart of the system because they were in the midst of the quiet revolution, and so they started their own Quebec Health Care Plan.
  • The Language Crisis and Bill 63

    The Language Crisis and Bill 63
    When Bill 63 was passed, giving parents the decision to chose what language they wanted their child to speak. This caused much tension in Quebec. Many schools that were originally bilingual, became unilingual, leavinv citizens feeling as it they can't educate their children in their language of choice.
  • Liberal Election Victory

    Liberal Election Victory
    In this election, there was a decline of the Union Nationale, and which had been in power since 1966, and a breakthrough of the Parti Quebecious, a party found in 1968.
  • The October Crisis

    The October Crisis
    The worst crisis since WW2 happned in early October. Canadian Diplomats were kidnapped by the FLQ where they were threatened to be killed unless the government released FLQ criminals from prison. These government officials were kept hostage and one was eventually killed. THe FLQ's purpose was to bring pressure to their cause, which was to achieve independance as Quebeckers.
  • Montreal Olympics

    Montreal Olympics
    The first olympics held in Canada were held in Quebec City in 1976. There was lots of controversy over the olympics including ongoing labour strife and slow progress.
  • Bill 101

    Bill 101
    Interpreted as an attack on their rights, English communities started to resent the Parti Quebecois for introducing Bill 101, that brought the Charter of the French Language into attention. With the rise of nationalism in the 1960s, Quebec felt the need to promote their French culture.
  • Referendum on Sovereignty-Association

    Referendum on Sovereignty-Association
    For the first time ever, Quebeckers were asked to vote on their constitutional future. Over 60% of the voters chose not to vote for the Parti Quebecois who would negotiate with Ottawa to reach a new arrangement.
  • Canadian Charter of Rights

    Canadian Charter of Rights
    This charter garuntees certain certain rights to Canadian citizens. Liberal leader, Trudeau, was keen to pass a constitutional bill of rights but never really came to be like he imagined - other charters were created, but not a complete one like the charter of rigths. He became successful in 1982 when the he passed the idea of the Canadian Charter of rights.
  • Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States

    Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States
    Prime Minister at the time, Brian Molruney, introduced the idea of free trade between the US and Canada. This was a major controversy in the House of Commons, becasue parties were worried that this agreement would result in Canada's identity being crushed by the US.
  • Referendum on Québec Independence

    Referendum on Québec Independence
    Because of "various attempts to bring Quebec into the Canadian constitutional fold". Quebecers were given the opportunity to vote and help decide their independance. By a very close 50.6%, the Quebecers chose not to become independant.