Quebec- Canada Relations

  • Richard Riot

    Richard Riot
    On March 13, 1955 Maurice Richard was suspended by an English manager. This created chaos in Quebec which caused riotting in the streets. This event shows Quebec nationalism.
  • Health Care in Quebec

    When the Liberal government came in to power in 1960, they started to improve the health care system in Quebec. However, they decided not to join the new health care program with the rest of the country in order to prove their autonomy.
  • Nationalization of Electricity

    Nationalization of Electricity
    The Quebec government decided to take over the electricty systems instead of smaller companies run by English Canadians. This reveals how Quebec likes to do things their own way and not have other people do things for them.
  • New Canadian Flag

    New Canadian Flag
    When Lester Pearson wanted Canada to have its own flag and not be using Britain's flag anymore, it was very controversial throughout Canada. However, there was no controversie in Quebec. Quebec liked the idea of having a flag independent from Britain. This reveals how Quebec likes their independence.
  • Education

    The Quebec government realized how important education was and changed it from being a luxury to a right. They created the CEJEP program for free post high school education. This reveals that Quebec is different from other places in Canada because their education system is different.
  • Language Conflict

    The schoold board of Quebec decided to make French the sole language of education. This was the only province in Canada to do so. This reveals how Quebec is unique from other provinces in Canada.
  • October Crisis

    The FLQ are doing many public acts to gain attention of Canadians for their independence. This revealed Quebec's power and determination to become independent.
  • Montreal Olympics

    Montreal hosted the first ever Canadian Olympics. This was the 21st Summer Olypmic games and was very sucessful.
  • Election of the Parti Quebecois

    This election effected people also outside of Quebec as well, because their objective was to make Quebec an independent country. Due to them winning the election, it reveals that many people in Quebec wanted to be independent.
  • Bill 101

    Bill 101
    Bill 101 brought the Charter of the French Language in to force. This made the people of Quebec start to resent the English speaking communities more.
  • Referendum on Sovereignty-Association

    For the first time ever people in Quebec had to vote in a referendum about whether or not Quebec should seperate from Canada and become its own country. 60% of people voted against this. This reveals that majority of Quebeckers appreciate their Canadian identity.
  • Patriation of the Canadian Constitution

    The Canadian government worked with the Canadian provinces to negotiate an agreemant to patriate the Canadian Constitution. Everyone province agreed to this except for Quebec. This reveals how Quebec tried to maintain its independence from the rest of Canada.
  • Quebec Referendum

    A referendum on Quebec seperation was held with the question "Do you agree that Québec should become sovereign, after having made a formal offer to Canada for a new economic and political partnership, within the scope of the Bill respecting the future of Québec and of the agreement signed on 12 June 1995?". People who answered "no" had a majority with 50.56%. This changed Quebec in to a distinct society within Canada.