Quebec- Canada Relations

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    History Timeline of Quebec

  • Richard Riot

    Richard Riot
    Maurice Richard was suspended because he hit a linesman from the 1954-55 season. The francophone fans thought this suspension was motivated by Richard's French Canadian ethnicity. However, the English Canadians thought that the suspension was fair and too short. This caused disagreement between the people and later lead to the Quiet Revolution.
  • Radio Canada Strike

    Radio Canada Strike
    74 producers at Société Rado-Canada in Montreal went on a strike. They were seeking foe the basic goal of union recognition and the right to bargain collectively with their employer. However, the English-language broadcasting service did not agree with the French- language workers. This strike later lead to the Quiet Revolution.
  • Death of Maurice Duplessis

    Death of Maurice Duplessis
    Maurice Duplessis was the 16th Premier of Quebec from 1936 to 1939 and 1944 to 1959. He was a strong Nationalist so he had a strong dislike for the Union. His era was known as "The Great Darkness" because of the bad working conditions brought about by Duplessis's dislike of Unions.
  • Nationalization of Quebec Electricity

    Nationalization of Quebec Electricity
    Nationalization og Hydro- Quebec is one of the biggest decisions of Quiet Revolution. Hydro-Quebec had been established in 1944 by the Liberals under Adélard Godbout (1892-1956). The Quebeckers wanted to nationalize all of Quebec's electrical utilities to improve electrical services and provide Quebec with a potential economic development. The nationalization showed that Queckers wanted to be unique and independent from the English Canadians.
  • Creation of Parti Quebecois

    Creation of Parti Quebecois
    René Lévesque found the Parti Quebecois. The Parti Quebecois advocates national sovereignty for the province of Quebec and secession from Canada. They are another important party for French canadians because their primary focus is on the seperation of Quebec.
  • The Language Crisis and Bill 63

    The Language Crisis and Bill 63
    Bill 63 allowed the parent's freedom to choose their children's language of instruction. The bill was made because Quebeckers of Italian origin, who wanted to send their children to English schools, strongly disagreed with the St. Léonard School Board's decision to stwitch schools from bilingual instruction to unilingual. French instruction. The bill caused the hostility of Quebec nationalists.
  • October Crisis

    October Crisis
    Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), a terrorist organization, kidnapped Canadian officicals (James Cross, Pierre Laporte). They were trying to scare the public and stimulate the seperation of Quebec. The FLQ provided insight into the strong desire of the French people to have change.
  • Montreal Olympics

    Montreal Olympics
    The Montreal Olympics was the first Olympics that was held in Canada. With ongoing labour strife, slow progress in the building of the new stadium and, increasing construction costs for the new Olympic facilities, it was even brought up that the Games might have to be cancelled. But Summer Olympics was overal a success because it discovered some legendary athletes, like Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci and Cuban runner Alberto Juantorena.
  • Election of the Parti Québécois

    Election of the Parti Québécois
    Parti Québécois won the general election with 41.4% of the vote and 71 of the 110 seats. René Lévesque became premier of Quebec. This event was significant because Parti Québécois's primary objective was to lead Québec to independence. The election showed how the independence was important to a lot of the Quebecois.
  • Bill 101

    Bill 101
  • Referendum on Sovereignty-Association

    Referendum on Sovereignty-Association
    The referendum was held to ask the Québeckers for an approval to discuss a new agreement with the rest of Canada. The idea of a soverignty-association was rejected by 60% of voters, although about 50% of the francophones supported it. It was imporant because it was an attempt at giving Quebec more power, but it failed.
  • Meech Lake Accord

    Meech Lake Accord
  • Bloc Québécois

    Bloc Québécois
    The Quebec members from the Liberal and Conservative party decided to leave their parties and create a new one called the Bloc Québécois which gave Quebec their own status and opinions in Parlament. They wanted to stop sovereignist perspective in Canada, and so from that, they elected Lucien Bouchard as their leader. He later when on to become te premier of Québéc as the leader of the Parti Québécois.