Post Confederation Canada

  • Confederation

    The Federal domain of canana was made. Three Brittish colonies became four provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.
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    Post Confederation Canada

  • Manitoba joined confederation

    Manitoba promised to start a transcontinental railway within two years and complete it within ten.
  • Northwest Territories joined Confederation

    Ruperts Land and the Northwest Terrirories were bought by Canada, and the whole area was renamed The Northwest Territories.
  • Brittish Columbia joined confederation

    After the demise of the colony's political institution, British Columbia joined confederation. Some viewed it with a sense of relectence and loss and others viewed it as a new begining.
  • Prince Edward Island joined confederation

    After being bailed out of finacial woes incurred by building of their own railway, P.E.I became a part of Confederation.
  • The Yukon joined Confederation

    After a rapid growth in population due to the gold rush, the Yukon realized that they needed more Governmental representation.
  • Saskatchewan and Alberta joined Confederation

    With the population of the praries growing rapidly, saskatchewan and Alberta Joined confederation.
  • Newfoundland joined Confederation

    After two provincial referendums, the tenth and most easterly province joined Confederation.
  • Nunavut joined Confederation

    The inuit people wanted control over their land. They wanted to make descisions for themselves, and to do this they needed their own Govenment.