Political crisis before the Mexican independence

  • Prussia Victory

    In 1806, Spain readied for an invasion in case of a Prussia Victory, but Napoleon´s rout of the Prussian army at the Battle of Jena- Auerstaedt caused Spain to back down
  • French invasion of Portugal.

    Napoleon was fully aware of the disastrous state of Spain´s economy and administration and its politically fragility, and felt it had little value as an ally. He insisted on positioning French troops in Spain to prepare for a French invasion of Portugal.
  • The Peninsular War

    Started when French and Spanish armies invaded and occupied Portugal in 1807, and escalated in 1808. The sixth Coalition defeated Napoleon in 1814.
  • The effect of events in Europe on Mexico

    In 1808, Napoleon turned on Spain, forcing the abdication of the Spanish king and replacing him with Napoleon´s brother Joseph.
  • French troops on Spanish

    The presence of French troops on Spanish soil was extremely unpopular in Spain, resulting in the Mutiny of Aranjuez and the abdication of Charles IV of Spain in March 1808.
  • Napoleon refused to help Charles

    Napoleon refused to help Charles and refused to recognize his son, Ferdinand VII, as the new king. Instead, he succeeded in to cede the crown to his brother, Joseph Bonaparte.
  • Francisco de Paula leave Spain for France

    On May 2, 1808, Murat ordered the younger son of Charles IV, the Infante Francisco de Paula to leave Spain for France, leading to a widespread rebellion in the streets of Madrid.
  • The Council of Castile

    Now in Napoleon´s control. Lost authority outside the population centers that were directly French-occupied. The Junta of Seville, in particular, claimed authority over the overseas empire.
  • The Spanish Constitution of 1812

    The Spanish Constitution of 1812 adopted by the Cortes of Cadiz served as the basis for independence in New Spain and Central America, since in both regions it was a coalition of conservative and liberal royalist leaders who led the establishment of new states.
  • Elections

    Elections were held, local governments formed, and deputies sent to the Cortes
  • Agustin de Iturbide

    One of the most people ordered to hunt down Morelos was Agustin de Iturbide. He had fought against the rebels on the side of the Spanish king. Iturbide got removed from his command because he was a cruel leader.
  • Plan de Iguala

    January 1821, basis of Plan de Iguala: the Independence of New Spain (now called the Mexican Empire) with Fernand VII or another Bourbon as emperor, the retention of the Catholic Church as the official state religion and the protection of its existing privilege's; and the equality of all New Spaniards, whether immigrants or native-born