Personal Timeline

Timeline created by edahm
  • Birth

    I am the third child out of 4. I have 3 brothers
  • School

    Started elementary school at Morse Elementary
  • Gymnastics

    I started gymnastics at 2 years old at KGDC and stopped at 14 years old.
  • Vacation

    Went on a cruise with my family to Jamaica, Mexico, and the Grand Cayman Islands
  • Color Guard

     Color Guard
    I started color guard as a freshman and have done it ever since.
  • Europe

    I went to Europe right before my sophomore year and we visited, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Liechtenstein
  • College

    After high school I plan to attend Missouri State University
  • Career

    I intend to study nursing or something within the medical sciences
  • Marriage and Kids

    Marriage and Kids
    I want to get married and have a big family, hopefully before 40
  • Sky dive

    Sky dive
    I wish to sky dive and take part in many adventurous activities.
  • Travel

    I want to travel lots in my future and soak up the culture.
  • Pets

    I plan to own many pets throughout my life and i'd love to foster or and help them as well. I want a couple dogs, a hamster, bunny, and maybe a parrot.
  • What does my timeline tell me about myself?

    It tells me that I am very adventurous an that I have always stayed busy with activities and family.
  • How different would I be if i changed one or two events on the line?

    If I wouldn't have stopped gymnastics, I'd probably still be doing it, and I would've never joined guard. I also wouldn't have the friends that I do today because I've met so many of them through color guard. Also, If you take off the vacations, I would be a lot less culturally aware, and I would lose those amazing memories. Obviously, losing the birth category would result in nothing.
  • How flexible/fixed does my future seem to be?

    My future seems pretty flexible, given that I'm not sure yet whatI want to pursue. Also, the activities in college like intramurals, and clubs could result in different opportunities and paths. My general path of college, travel, marriage, and family, is very fixed though.