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Patriating the Constitution

  • BNA Act

    BNA Act
    Canada's constitution was formed. It decleared federal and provincial governments. No changes to it without British approval
  • Statute of Westminster

    Statute of Westminster
    Turned the British Empire into the British commonwealth. All previous colonies were now equal in status to Britain. Also able to make own laws
  • Constitution Act

    Constitution Act
    Trudeau and his amending dillema with the charter of rights and freedoms which made courts too powerful. In addition there was a notwithstanding clause that allowed any one politition opt out a part they didn't like
  • Meech Lake Accord

    A proposed package of amendmentsto the Canadian constitution which offered to recognize Quebec as a distinct society within Canada.
  • Collapse of the Meech Lake Accord

    The Meech Lake Accord collapsed due to lack of provincial support
  • Charlottetown Accord / Collapse of Charlottetown Accord

    Was voted on by the country and 54.2% rejected it due the fact that it was too easy to find faults in its many clauses. It was inquired from the citizens on what they would like to see. It was similar to the Meech Lake Accord, but also reforming senate for equality amongst provinces.
  • Referendum of 1995

    The refendum of 1995 gave Quebec full provincial soveriegnty. If passed Quebec would not have stayed as a part of Canada. Votes came in as.... 50.6% no and 49.4% yes. YIKES! thats close