Parliament and the Monarchy Fight for Power

By vickyg4
  • Period: Mar 23, 1485 to

    England Divided

  • Aug 22, 1485

    The Tudors rule England

    The Tudor monarchs control Parliament by recognizing and respecting its role in government.
  • Stuart king James I Rules

  • King James I clashes with Parliament

    James scolds Parliament for usurping royal power, and Parliament responds with a declaration of its own rights. King James eventually gives in to Parliament.
  • Petition of Right

    The Parliament of 1628 produces the Petition of Right, adn later Parliaments clash with Charles over what they carge are violations of the document.
  • The Long Parliament meets

    CHarles is faces with economic problems and invasions by Scotland, and is forced to call Parliament. The Long Parliament works to steadily expand its powers, and Charles strikes back, adopting the motto, "Give Caesar his Due".
  • The English Civil War rages

    War breaks out between Parliament's roundheads and Charles I's Cavaliers.
  • Stuart king CharlesI rules

    Charles dissolves Parliament when it tries to expand powers to deal with an economic crisis.
  • Charles I is executed

  • The English Commonwealth begins

    Cromwell rules as leader of the commonwealth, and they abolish the monarchy and House of Lords.
  • Parliament Wins

    The parliamentsry forces, led by Oliver Cromwell win.
  • Cromwell dies

    Problems plague the nation and Commonwelath falls apart, upon Cromwells death. Groups in favor of monarchy start to gain power.
  • the monarchy is restored

    Charles II works with Parliament to repair the shattered nation, but clashes with Parliament when he works to restore Catholicism.
  • Break with Parliament

    In 1678, Charles dissolves Parliament and builds the monarchy's power. His successor, James II, continues to push for Catholic power, and incites a backlash.
  • James II

    James II flees England.
  • The Glorious Revlolution Assures Parliament's Power

    William and Mary become England's monarchs with Parliament's blessing- provided that they agree to very limited powers under Parliament's domination.