New Spain Timeline IR

By izbiz99
  • Period: Nov 5, 1520 to Nov 5, 1521

    Smallpox epidemic

  • Aug 13, 1521

    Spanish conquest of Aztec Empire

    After the discovery of the New World, Spain conquered the Aztec Empire. This was the beginning of New Spain and the abundance of new descoveries of the time.
  • Period: Nov 4, 1530 to

    Expansion of New Spain to new cities and areas

    Even before a ruler was chones by Spain, New Spain continued to expand.
  • Jan 1, 1535

    New Spain ruled by Viceroy of New Spain

    As appointed by the King of Spain, The Viceroy of New Spain ruled this colony and appointed New Mexico as the capital city.
  • Nov 4, 1539

    First printing press in New World

    The first printing press was taken to New Mexico by Juan Pablos. This was the beginning of the publishment of books about the New World.
  • Period: Nov 5, 1545 to Nov 5, 1548

    Measels Epidemic

  • Period: Nov 5, 1576 to Nov 5, 1581

    Typhus Epidemic

  • New Spain became Mexico and Central America

    New Spain was able to manage most of their expansion (other than a bit of land stolen from Europe) until 1821.