My Work Experiance

By mercy99
  • Babysitting job

    Babysitting job
    When I was in middle school I wanted to buy an ugg shoes for winter. Those shoes cost $179 and there was no way my parents were going to buy that for me. So I started babysitting neighbors kids to get some money. Thus, started my long journey of earning money.
  • Panera Bread Cashier

    Panera Bread Cashier
    In the middle of my sophomore year of high school I was again, the broke student that didn't receive any allowance. I wanted so badly to go out with friends and buy Starbucks after school so I knew it was time to get a job. I applied through a friend and got my first official job at Panera as a cashier.
  • Harris Teeter

    Harris Teeter
    My high-school graduation party was on Sunday and I started my job at Harris Teeter on Monday morning at 9:00am. I worked full time until I saved enough money to buy my first used toyota car.
  • Office Assistant

    Office Assistant
    After entering Northern Community College, I learned that I qualify for a work study opportunity. So I applied for an open position to be a desk assistant to the pathways office and I was offered the job a week later.
  • Sunday school teacher

    Sunday school teacher
    On Sundays I regularly teach kids at my church about Orthodox Christianity, their parents language (Amharic), and culture and history. (unpaid)
  • Restaurent Server

    Restaurent Server
    The office assistance job was the easiest job I ever had. I was basically paid to sit behind a computer. However, I could only work 10hrs a week and I needed more money to pay car gas, insurance, tuition and other costs so I got a job as a server at a local restaurant that came to hire in our campus.
  • Marketing Intern

    Marketing Intern
    During my time in NVCC I took a business class. In that class we had a guest speaker that talked about his IT start-up company. After class that night, I emailed him asking for an internship opportunity and I got an interview and got the internship.
  • Uber Eats Driver

    Uber Eats Driver
    My junior year of college at Mason I occasionally worked as a food delivery person for Uber eats when I needed cash.
  • Web design teacher

    Web design teacher
    I was contacted by a founder of yet another startup company that teaches IT courses online. I was asked to teach HTML, CSS and JS to kids in elementary school over zoom. I accepted and taught kids web design over the summer.
  • Ethics teacher

    Ethics teacher
    Seeing my experience with teaching kids, I was contacted again and offered a job position teaching kids that were transitioning to middle school to teach about ethics and good character.