My Life

Timeline created by s33837
  • First Day of High School

    Started my first day of 4 years at Park Hill.
  • Made my high school baseball team

    Made the final cuts for our baseball team. I'm in!
  • First job

    Started my first job at Hyvee.
  • Road Trip

    Take a road trip with friends after our senior year.
  • College

    Attend college to get my bachelor's degree
  • New Career

    Aquire a job as a civil engineer
  • New Family

    Find that "special one" and have the family of my dreams
  • First Child

    Have my first and most likely only child named Hayden for a boy or Alli for a girl.
  • Living somewhere else

    Find a new home to live in somewhere out-of-state
  • Promotion

    Get that promotion I've been working for forever
  • New Company

    Start my dream company of architecture and engineering to help the area I'm in
  • Vacation

    Take a much needed vacation with the family to a tropical place for some summer fun.
  • Graduation

    Watch my child as they graduate high school and go on to college.
  • Second Graduation

    Watch my child complete college and hopefully take on the reign of the company.
  • Expandig the company

    Move my company into bigger named cities such as New York, Atlanta, San Fransisco, etc. Make the headquarters of it in Kansas City.
  • Retire

    Hand down the company to someone else that will continue the work. Retire away to southern Florida.
  • New homes

    Purchase a summer home in upstate New York and have a winter home in southern Florida. Maybe a lake house somewhere in between?