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My Journey so far in STERLITE as GET...

  • Memorable day.. Selected in Sterlite AS GET

    Memorable day.. Selected in Sterlite AS GET
    • Within a very huge crowd of number of participant, I have selected in campus Requirement. After the clearance of Written Test, Group Disscussion, HR round, Personal Inteview, Technical Interview round etc..
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  • 1st day of Induction Program At Haridwar

    1st day of Induction Program At Haridwar
    • We had a wonderful induction program, covering outbound session, STL Business overview, some extracurricular activity like Campus To Corporate Session, knowing each other very well, Team building exercises,.
    • Further Next 7 days got Opportuniy to meet with IT people and to know about IT architechture and IT Business.
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    This Timeline portrays my journey as a GET in Sterlite Technologies Limited
  • Silvassa Plant visit...

     Silvassa Plant visit...
    • Meantime, Got chance to visit Silvassa plant so as to get the basic understanding of IT business and We came to know, how the different departments co-ordinate together in order to get a particular work done successfully.
    • Got Appreciation Letter for organising NOVO event in silvassa.
    • Apart from that Participated in Dahi handi Cultural event held at Aurangabad.
  • Starting phase of career in WALUJ

    Starting phase of career in WALUJ
    • Training plan was sceduled for me by Mr. Mandar, on his Behalf Mr Lalit, and Mr Ankit supported me to get acquainted with Preform and Fibre manufacturing process.
    • Significance of material being used in this process.

    • As I have intracted with so many peoples, have got support from everywere I required.
    • Got knowledge of SAP Architechiture and configuration between SAP and oracle process mapping.
  • Tainings in & PLC

    Tainings in & PLC
    • Being an IT Engineer, it is must for me to have the coding knowledge as well, for that I have received, 1 month of training to get basic learning in coding part.
    • Further Gone through 5 days PLC training to get utilized my domain knowledge.
  • Got my new Boss.. Team Started working together..

    Got my new Boss.. Team Started working together..
    • New year, with New hope and New learning,
    • Responsibilities increased.
    • Started contributing myself in Month End Activity as well as more and more coding phenomena.
    • I came to know about Role of IT in Production Process.
    • More Handhold work given as it was essential for my carrer and self growth.
  • Faced challenges..

    Faced challenges..
    • Sometime Got failure, Sometime acheived.
    • Hated this every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'
  • Working Independently

    Working Independently
    • Stage reached where i had started working independly. Handling users day to day production related issues, task, as well as month end activity independently.
    • Moreover contibuted myself in extracurricular activities like RANGOTSAV event, HARMONY event.
  • Got JAVA Training

    Got JAVA Training
    45 days training to migrate vb to java platform,
  • Projects Highlight

    1. Barcode sticker for Preform Packing and dispatch traceability- Created a system to maintain preform dispatch traceability, Totally manual work is being removed.
    2. IPQ Profile Parameter Automation- More then 50% efficiency is being incresed and Manual error resolved as formulas and parameter are getting automatically in oracle.
    3. For that I received “Spot Performance Award”.
  • Completed 1 Successful Year in Sterlite as GET..Still Long Way to Go Ahead...

    Completed 1 Successful Year in Sterlite as GET..Still Long Way to Go Ahead...
    • Right form joining and till the current date, I am highly thankful to Mr Lalit and Mr Ankit for the guidance and constant supervision,I have initiated effort from my side, However it would not have been possible without the support given by them to go through this journey.
    • I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Manish for his guidance, monitoring, & constant encouragement. The guidance given by him time to time shall carry me in long way through the journey, on which I am about to embark.