My Future

  • Graduate from highschool

  • Period: to

    My Future

  • Find work

    find a temporary job to earn money for colledge
  • move out

  • Go to colledge

  • Go to medical school

  • Become a NICU nurse or doctor

  • Get married

  • Take a year off to have a baby

  • Go back to work

  • try to have another baby

  • take more time off to spend with children

  • go back to working full time if needed

  • try to buy a bigger house

    provide more space for the kids
  • Try to get work at a smaller clinic

    to work less hours
  • Help first child move out

    to go to colledge or find work
  • help second child to move out

  • Take on the role of a grandparent

  • Retire from work

    spend more time with my family