My future

  • Graduation

    I finish university. I get a job of Public officials. But I want to open caffee. So, I will study it.
  • Marry

    I marry. I am 29 years old. My wife work same workplace. she is my boss. My house's boss is her ,too.
    She knows my dream. So, we work hard and will open by 2030.
  • Child

    We have first child. child is boy. We don't decide name.
    I want to have more children
  • Change job

    Change job
    I go to Okinwa. Okinawa is good. I open cafeteria. I cook good lunch. Because there are good ingredients.
    I have one boy and one girl. Boy name's is "Makoto". Girk's name is "Rika".
  • Birth

    My Child marries. I will become garandfather soon. He decides his name. His name is "NUNENORI" . Same name is Pro baseballer's "KAWASAKI MUNENORI". So, he may be baseball player.
  • Extension

    I extend cafeteria. I start to dinner. My son help me. But,I want to good coffee's cafeteria. This is differences. I think second life now.
  • Retirement

    I am 65 years old. My son increase cafeteria. I open small cafeteria. It is hobby. I don't think to profit. I brew very good coffee.