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Timeline created by kcao-22
  • 1198

    Pope Innocent III

    -serve god
    -born to die
    -humans horrible(can't rise to become more than they are)
  • 1215

    Magna Carta

  • 1486

    Pico della Mirandola

    -humans miracle, nothing more wonderful
    -can choose their own place in the world
  • 1517


    martin luther-against indulgences, bible only source of salvation, 95 complaints and hands on church(Peak-1620s)
  • scientific revolution

    -scientific method
  • Petition of Right

    Petition of Right, 1628, a statement of civil liberties sent by the English Parliament to Charles I . Refusal by Parliament to finance the king's unpopular foreign policy had caused his government to exact forced loans and to quarter troops in subjects' houses as an economy measure.
  • Charles I Beheaded

  • Glorious Revolution

  • Bill of Rights

    John Locke
    -The Bill of Rights incorporated the ideas of John Locke, who argued in his 1689 work Two Treatises of Government that civil society was created for the protection of property
  • John Locke

    -glorious revolution
    -natural rights-life liberty and property
    -if government fails to protect, people should revolt Leviathan-1651
    -man vs man
    -human nature-pessimistic
    -no knowledge, industry, culture, etc
    SOLUTION to ^ proposed in book
    -central absolute leader but
    -consent from people to rule over them(social contract)
    -not divine
  • Montesquieu

    On the Constitution of England
    -seperation of powers(legislative, judicial, executive)
  • Estates General

    -meeting of 3 estates to make laws
    -1st and 2nd bond together to block 3rd estate
    -3rd estate leaves and form the national assembly
  • Storming of the Bastille

  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens

    -equality and abolish class system(encorporated enlightenment ideas)
    -rejected by Louis XVI
  • March on Versailles

    -angry women march Versailles
    -protesting food shortages and price of bread
    -wants king to move to paris and accept declaration of rights of man and national assembly
    -louis xvi arrested and force to leave versailles for paris
  • Louis tries to escape France

    after becoming prisoners of revolution:
    -louis and marie try to escape to Austria, where Marie is from
  • France goes to war

    no national army, no trained soldiers, and outnumbered
    external enemies also pressuring
  • Citizens attack kings Guards

    -monarchy is no more
    -according to Robespierre, new republic can only begin with the death of a king
  • September Massacres

    -Revolutionary citizens attack prisoners
    -1600 dead in days
    -europe disgusted at france for uncontrolled revolution
  • Trial of King Louis XVI

    -for treason
    -moderates want to spare his life
    -"kill king so revolution can live(robespierre, 1793)
  • Louis put to death

    -Robespierre becomes a bit of a dictator after Louis dies, and tries to take absolute control of power
    -robespierre becomes jealous of Marat of Danton-megalomania
  • Death of Marat

    -martyr for revolution
  • Marie put on trial

    -found guilty/sentenced to death
  • Napoleon went to Egypt to conquer Brits by blocking passage to India

    -disaster, napoleon slips out and heads back to Paris, leaving troops behind
    -arrived in time for the fall of the directory in 1799
    -very calculated-Napoleon only served himself and his needs
  • Napoleon's Coup

    -coup d'etat-overthrow of the state
    -govt of the directory was faltering
    -spring of 1799, govnt sponsored candidates lost to a group of jacobins and conservatives
    -conservatives wanted to redesign the republic along oligarchic lines
    -jacobins wanted to democratize the directory-lost
    -November-Napolean declared temporary consul or representative chosen by the government to protect the national interests and citizens
  • The Enclosure Movement

    change public to private land
  • Napoleon makes himself Consul for Life

    could appoint successors
  • Napoleon crowns himself emperor

    got away with it:
    -good leader who could come up w financial, legal, and military plans
    -inspiration to others
    -self confident
    -eventually hubris
    w his power:
    -abolished estates, feudal privileges
    -devised budget and fair tax system+centralized administration
    -incorporated men of all political backgrounds into govt
    -took church out of edu and gov
    -education reforms
  • Period:

    middle ages

  • Period:

    early middle ages

  • Period:

    high middle ages

  • Period:

    late middle ages

  • Period:


  • Period: to

    English Civil War

  • Period: to

    The Salonnieres

    -Madame Geoffrin(1699-1771)
    -Mademoiselle Julie de Lespinasse(1732-1776)
    -Madame Suzanne Necker(1739-1794)
  • Period: to


    -age or reason
    -government, education, economy, social jsutice, nationalism, humanitarianism, environment, etc
    -natural science
    -rejection of superstition and tradition
  • Period: to

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    -from Corsican lower aristocracy
    -not much money, but good connections(made if without the true privileges of aristocracy by climbing up in military ranks, but didn't do well at military school)
    -begins by helping the directory, and quell outside threats
  • Period: to

    The French Revolution

    -liberty, equality, fraternity
    -first estate-clergy, second-nobles, and third-middle class, peasants, city workers
    -factors of revolution:
    -taxes, debt, enlightenment
  • Period: to

    Jacobin club

    influential throughout 1789
    -democratic/radical club
  • Period: to

    Napoleon Ruled as First Consul

    -other consuls ignored
    -set up jacobin plot as an excuse to take emergency powers
    -wrote a new constitution and purged the legislature