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Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

  • born

    Born in Guanajuato into a wealthy family, son of Cristóbal Hidalgo Costilla and Ana María Gallaga
  • Rector

    1790 - Assumes the position of rector of the Colegio de San Nicolás
  • Cure

    After the death of his brother José Joaquín, priest of pain, Miguel Hidalgo requests the place and obtains it
  • Conspiracy

    1809 - A conspiracy is forged in Valladolid to form a junta to govern the country in the name of Fernando VII. The conspiracy was discovered and dismantled.
  • Start of the battle

    Start of the battle
    1810 - September 16: in Dolores an army of several thousand revolutionary soldiers is formed spontaneously. The Virgin of Guadalupe becomes the banner of the revolutionaries.
  • Events

    On October 17,Hidalgo enters Valladolid
    On November 7, he suffers a defeat at Acúleo
    On November 26, he has a great reception in Guadalajara
  • 1811

    On January 16, the royalist troops defeat him in the Battle of Puente Calderón
    On March 20, he falls into an ambush and is captured for later trial.
    On July 30, the royalist troops shoot Miguel Hidalgo in Chihuahua