Mexican timeline

  • May 31, 1520

    The Temple Massacre

    The Temple Massacre
    Spanish conquistadors had a hold on Tenochtitlan, which is now called Mexico City.
  • Period: to

    maxican history

  • The cry of Dolores

    Father Miguel Hidalgo took the puplit into the town of Dolores and announced that he was taking up arms against the hated spanish...and invited his congregation to join him.
  • The seige of Guanajuato

    Father Miguel Hidalgo's rag-tag rebel army was moving towards Mexico City, and the city of Guanajuato would be their first stop. Spanish soldiers and citizens barricaded themselves inside the massive royal granary. Although they defended themselves valiantly, Hidalgo's mob was too large, and when the granary was breached the slaughter began.
  • January 17, 1811

     January 17, 1811
    An army of peasants and works led by father miguel hidalgo, fought a smaller but better equipped spanish trained force at Calderon Bridge.
  • Battle of puebla

    Battle of puebla
    The battle of puebla Celebrates the victory over french invaders in 1862 which is know as "Cinco de Mayo"
  • The Battle of Monte de las Cruces

  • The Mexican Revolution

    Mexico's 1910 elections was a sham designed to keep long-term dictator Porfirio Diaz in power.
  • Battle of Zacatecas

    Battle of Zacatecas
    Villa's victory cleared a path to Mexico City and began the downfall of Huerta.
  • The battle of Celaya

    The battle of Celaya
    Over the course of ten days two titans of the Mexican Revolution collided outside of the town of Celaya.
  • March 9, 1916

    March 9, 1916
    Mexican bandit Pancho Villa led his army and attacked the town of collumbus.
  • Zapata Assassinated

    Zapata Assassinated
    Emiliano Zapata was a rebel leader who was set up, betrayed and assassinated in Chinameca.
  • Assassination of Pancho

    Assassination of Pancho
    Legandary bandit Pancho VIlla was gunned down in the town of Parral.
  • The Tlatelolco massacre

    Thousands of Mexican civilians and students gathered in The Plaza of the Three Cultures in the district of Tlatelolco to protest repressive government policies.
  • The summer olympics

    Right after the Guantajuato massacre.