• Valladolid conspiration

    In September 1809, in Valladolid (now Morelia), José Mariano Michelena military, along with other characters from the Michoacan Creole society, including José María Obeso, Fray Vicente Santa María, Father Manuel de la Torre Lloreda organized a underground movement which aimed to organize a National Governing Board that took power in the name of Ferdinand VII after he handed over power to Napoleon. establish an American government, although it was necessary to overthrow the colonial authorities
  • First Phase

    Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla formedthe first independent Army. Also the "Grito de Dolores" was calling for independence and the end of Spanish rules
  • battle of calderon bridge

  • Second Phase

    It starts with Hidalgo's execution. With a death leader Josè Marìa Morelos y Pavòn assumes leadership. He was able to establish an independent republic from Central Mexico to the Pacific Coast.
    Finally he was captured and executed in Ecatepec in 1815 by Fèlix Marìa Calleja
  • battle of Cuautla

    Morelos was situated by the realist army
  • feelings of the nation

    Feelings of the Nation is a document that was presented by José María Morelos y Pavón on September 14, 1813 in Chilpancingo. It is considered one of Mexico's most important political texts. of twenty points that comprise the most relevant document content was: 1 declare America's independence from Spain, of any other nation, government or monarchy.
    2 To reaffirm the Catholic religion as the only other accepted without tolerance
    5.-That the sovereignty of the people and would derive Supreme
  • Third Phase

    Attack proceed by rebel bands led by Guadalupe Victoria and Vicente Guerrero
    Their operations undermined the Spanish controlIt concentrated the armed conflict in Central Mexico
  • Acantempan hugh

    In Mexico, Vicente Guerrero, commander of the forces that fought for the Independence of Mexico, Agustín de Iturbide and army commander of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, star in the historical event known as "The hug Acatempan", by which Iturbide adds to the struggle for Independence.
    The meeting was held in the town of Acatempan (located today in the municipality of Teloloapan) on 10 February, before the respective troops Iturbide and Guerrero.

    As its name implies, is signed in Córdoba, a province of Veracruz, on August 24, 1821 between the envoy of the King of Spain, Don Juan O'Donojú last Superior Head of New Spain (representing the Spanish crown in Mexico) and general Agustín de Iturbide, the highest authority of Trigarante Army. • The situation then was disadvantageous to Spain, because practically only had strength Veracruz in San Juan de Ulua and the port of Acapulco, but clearly could not retake the position. Iturbide sought rec
  • Fourth Phase

    Revolt of an officer (Agustin de Iturbide) alliance with Guerrero
    Army of 3 Guarantees (16000 men) enter Mexico on September 1821
    Iturbide crowned as emperor in 1882
    first government of independent Mexico was CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY
  • battle of tampico

    Santa Anna defeat the spanish army