Mexican Independence

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  • Beginning

    The creoles wanted more rights and better jobs, but the Spainards did not want to give them that.
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  • Miguel Hidalgo

    At 6:00 am, Miguel Hidalgo, a Mexican priest, declared independence from Spain. All of the anger had built up and created a war known as Grito de Dolores.
  • The Rebel Army Captured The Granary

    The rebel army captured the granary. Most of the Spaniards and Criollos were massacred or exiled.
  • Battle of Monte de la Cruces

    Hidalgo's army fought at the Battle of Monte de las Cruces with Spanich resistance and came out with a victory. Although they had won this battle, they did not defeat the Spanish in Mexico City.
  • Battle of the Bridge of Caulderon

    The Spanish fought and defeated the ingurgent army in the battle of the Bridge of Calderon. Which forces the rebels to run towards the Mexican border in hope of escape. While on there way there Hidalgo and his soldiers crossed roads with the Spanish army. Hidalgo and his men were captured.
  • Higalgo is Mutilated

    After Higalgo and his men were captured by the Spainards Hidalgo was executed. Hidalgo's body was mutilated and his head was displayed in Guanajuato as a warning to the Mexican rebels.
  • Congress of Chilpancingo

    The Congress of Chilpancingo signed the first official document of independence the "Solem Act of the Declaration of Independence of North America." Not too long after, the war of Siege of Cuautla.
  • Agustin de Iturbide

    Agustin de Iturbide did not want independence, for he was a royalist. Spanish authorities wanted Iturbide ro lead the final battle against the revolutionaries. In hope he would end the Mexican independence movement. Iturbide believed he might lose some power, so he fought for the Mexican Independence.
  • Mexico Gains Independence

    Mexico became independent from Spain. Also this year, Iturbide became Emperor Agustin I of Mexico. This is the very end of the "illness" because Mexico revieved independence even though they had to suffer for quite a while.