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  • Marques de Rubi Report

    Marques de Rubi Report
    The Famous "Rubi Report" requested by the King of Spain, recommended that Spain abandon Texas.
  • American Revolution begins

    American Revolution begins
    At about 5 a.m., 700 British troops, on a mission to capture Patriot leaders and seize a Patriot arsenal, march into Lexington to find 77 armed minutemen under Captain John Parker waiting for them on the town's common green.
  • United State gain Independence

    United State gain Independence
    Between 1776 and 1789, the United States emerged as an independent country, creating and ratifying its new constitution, and establishing its national government. In order to assert their traditional rights, American Patriots seized control of the colonies and launched a war for independence
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris was an American Revolutionary War between Great Britain on one sideand the United States of America and its Allies on the other. The France and Spain and Dutch Rebulic had seperate agreements. WIKIPEDIA
  • James Long

    James Long
    Long was a former US Army surgeon in the War of 1812 who served at the Battle of New Orleans. He married Jane Herbert Dent Wilkinson in 1815 [1] and owned a plantation in Natchez, Mississippi. Many Americans and French settlers the American southwest were opposed to the Adams-Onis treaty of 1819 that settled the border dispute between the United States and Spain
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase (French: Vente de la Louisiane "Sale of Louisiana") was the acquisition by the United States of America in 1803 of 828,000 square miles (2,140,000 km2) of France's claim to the territory of Louisiana. The U.S. paid 50 million francs ($11,250,000) plus cancellation of debts worth 18 million francs ($3,750,000), for a total sum of 15 million dollars (less than 3 cents per acre) for the Louisiana territory ($233 million in 2011 dollars, less than 42 cents per acre).[1][2][3]
  • Green Flag(Gutierrez Magee Exp.)

    Green Flag(Gutierrez Magee Exp.)
    In 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla began a revolt against the Royalist Spanish in Mexico, which would initiate the Mexican War of Independence. Likewise, in 1811, Juan Bautista de las Casas led a revolt against Spain at San Antonio, capturing the Spanish governor.
  • Cry of Delores

    Cry of Delores
    On the morning of September 16, 1810, the parish priest of the town of Dolores, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, declared himself in open revolt against Spanish rule from the pulpit of his church, launching the Mexican War of Independence.
  • Battle of Medina

    Battle of Medina
    The Battle of Medina was fought approximately 20 miles south of San Antonio de Bexar (modern-day Downtown San Antonio in the U.S. state of Texas) on August 18, 1813 as part of the Mexican War of Independence against Spanish authority in Mexico. Spanish Royalist troops led by General José Joaquín de Arredondo defeated Republican forces (calling themselves the Republican Army of the North), consisting of Tejano-Mexican and Tejano-American revolutionaries participating in the Gutiérrez-Magee Expedi