Media Production

  • Complete Research and Planning

    Hand in day for research and planning, so all work will have been uploaded to blog by this date.
  • Period: to

    Media Production

  • Completion of Photos

    By this date, I want to have taken all the photos I want to include in my magazine.
  • Finish Editing of Photos and Front Cover

    I want to have completely finished the editing of all photos and completed my front cover by this date.
  • Start Writing Article for Double Page Spread

    I want to start writing the article for my double page spread early so that I can spend longer on the design and layout in later stages.
  • Complete Contents Page

    I want to complete my contents page by this date.
  • Finish Double Page Spread

    I want to have my double page spread completed by this date so that I have completed everything in time for the deadline.
  • Deadline

    Make sure all work has been completed to a high quality and present on my blog.