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Matthew Timeline

  • It's A Boy

    It's A Boy
    I was born to Dawn and Don Judd,and became younger brother of Michael judd.I was born in Burbank Illinois.
  • Graduation Year

    Graduation Year
    During graduation year,I'm hoping to be accepted into spanish with Ms.Paul.Reason being I want to learn Spanish so I can communicate with others.
  • I Did It

    I Did It
    What I hope when I graduate I will have atleast a B+ Average.Also,I want to have an IQ of 125.Lastly,I would want to walk away ready for what high school has to bring.
  • Shepard High School

    Shepard High School
    The high school I want to go to is Alan B.Shepard.
  • Spanish

    By the end of Freshman Year I hope to know the entire language of Spanish,to communicate with others.
  • Good Student

    Good Student
    By the end of Sophmore year I want to have atleast a A or B+ average,also a good report card from A to B's.
  • Tech Club

    Tech Club
    I want to join tech club by sophmore year,to learn to create websites,edit websites,etc.
  • Men's Chior

    Men's Chior
    I hope that the music teacher at Shepard accepts me into men's chior.
  • I Did It Again

    I Did It Again
    I hope to have better grade's than a B-,also keep up with my classes,and enjoy my last year at Shepard.
  • Illinois State University

    Illinois State University
    I would like to go to Ilinois State University (I.S.U).I also would like to be website devoper,but for that BIachelor's Degree.Two things that might be obsicals are my grades,and keeping up with my classes.
  • I Did It For Life

    I Did It For Life
    I hope all my friends,family will be there to support me in graduating school a 3rd time. If all that cold happen I waould be honored.
  • Channel

    I hope to get asked to be on T.V Shows,and Movies and act in shows around the world.

    I hope that a fan of mine will make a website dedicated to me.
  • Singer

    I hope to write a hit single,and write a few songs in the futere that make the charts.
  • The World

    The World
    I hope travel the world,on a tour,or just for fun.
  • Designer

    I hope to design wbesites for my idols singers,singers,actors,etc.
  • Not Like Titanic

    Not Like Titanic
    I wnat to set sail on a cruise first class to relax.
  • What A World

    What A World
    I hope to live to be atleast 96 ,and lived a happy life.