Leisha Gonzalez timeline

  • Baby girl was born

    Baby girl was born
    Baby girl was born from Dalizy Serpa & John David Gonzalez
  • 8th grade here I come!

    8th grade here I come!
    Good bye 7th...Hello 8th
    New year cant wait to take info tec
  • Grad is here!

    Grad is here!
    Just graduated from Prarie);
    Can't wait till highschool!
  • Richards

    Beginning highschool going to be a freshy at Richards
  • Varsity cheer here I come

    Varsity cheer here I come
    Trying for Varsity cheer wish me luck!
  • HOLA!

    I will be practicing my spanish in school.
  • Dance your heart out

    Dance your heart out
    I will be trying out for the poms team.
  • Cheer

    I am going to continue cheerleading
  • Just sing

    Just sing
    After getting used to highschool i will be joining choir.
  • Chef Leisha

    Chef Leisha
    For one of my classes I want to have cooking class.
  • Break-a-leg

    I will tryout for the musical at Richards.

    I will be continuing cheer trying to get a scholarship for cheerleading to Louisville colledge
  • Highschool Grad comeing through

    Highschool Grad comeing through
    Off to college sad that I have to leave Chicago but I will be back
  • My dream

    My dream
    I hoped I will be noticed for how hard I work and how serious I am about cheerleading being my dream.
  • Louisville College

    Louisville College
    After graduation I will try to get a scholarship or I would apply for Louisville colledge then tryout for cheerleading and see if I make it If I dont I need a backup plan.
  • LKC

    Continue cheerleading try my best everyday!
  • Nfl cheer

    Nfl cheer
    Start doing research for what nfl team I want to cheer for.
  • Giant here comes Leisha(;

    Giant here comes Leisha(;
    After colledge I want to go to New York and tryout for cheerleading and experience in nfl cheer.