Latin American Revolutions

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  • 1,791 BCE

    The Haiti Revolution

    The Haiti Revolution
    The revolution started because nearly five-hundred Africans were enslaved, they out numbered their masters. Their masters used brutal methods to terrorize the slaves so they can feel powerless. On August the slaves finally revolted against their masters. Soon Toussaint L'Ouverture became the leader, he did not know how to be a leader but he learned and rose up to become a skilled general and diplomat.
  • End of Haiti Revolution

    End of Haiti Revolution
    By 1801, Toussaint had taken over the entire island and freed all the slaves. French troops decided to remove Toussaint from having all the power, Toussaint agreed to halt the revolution if the French would end slavery. Toussaint was sent to jail in which he died in April 1803, the fight for freedom continued and on 1804 Haiti's independence was declared.
  • The Mexico Revolution

    The Mexico Revolution
    A priest gathered peasants in a church, they issued a call for rebellion against the Spanish. With eighty-thousand men they marched to Mexico City.
  • The South America Revolution

    The South America Revolution
    Bolivar and his army marched through Colombia and took the Spanish by surprise and won their victory. Bolivar and Jose joined together. Together they decided the future of the Latin American revolutionary movement.
  • End of the Mexico Revolution

    End of the Mexico Revolution
    The lower classes feared loss of their property, control of land, and their lives. The army defeated Hidalgo in 1811. The revolution continued for four years. Mexico's Creoles united in support of Mexico's independence from Spain. The man who had defeated the rebel Padre Morelos proclaimed independence in 1821.
  • The Brazil Revolution

    The Brazil Revolution
    The Brazil's quest for independence was unique because it happened without any violence. For fourteen years the Portuguese ran their empire from Brazil.
  • End of Brazil Revolution

    End of Brazil Revolution
    In 1822 Creoles demanded their independence, eight thousand Brazilians signed a petition asking for their independence. Brazil won their independence on September 7th, 1822.
  • End of South American Revolution

    End of South American Revolution
    Jose invaded the Spanish forces they went to war and finally the Spanish colonies in Latin America won their freedom. The future countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador were united into a country called Gran Colombia.