Latin American Revolutions

Timeline created by Crybaby952
  • Start of Haitian Revolution

    Start of Haitian Revolution
    Slaves in Haiti were electrified from the news of the American Revolution. This inspired them to rise up against their European master.
  • End of Haitian Revolution

    End of Haitian Revolution
    With the help of Toussaint Louverture and General Desalines, this revolution was a success and declared independance. It was the first colony to declare independance.
  • Start of South American Revolution

    Start of South American Revolution
    Soth Americans leaders ,Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin, wanted to unite all the colonies of South America. They wanted to be free from Spain's control.
  • Start of Mexican Revolution

    Start of Mexican Revolution
    They wanted enlightenment in freedom and called rebellion against Spain. The first person who took the step towards freedom was Miguel Hidalgo.
  • End of Mexican Revolution

    End of Mexican Revolution
    A man named Agustin de Iturbide, who once fought against the Mexican Revolution, declared independance for them.
  • Start of Brazilian Revolution

    Start of Brazilian Revolution
    The Brazilian people didn't like their king and wanted his son, Dom Pedro, to rule. They didn't want to become a colony again so they revolted.
  • End of Brazilian Revolution

    End of Brazilian Revolution
    The people were successful in having Dom Pedro rule over Brazil. Soon after, Pedro declared Brazil independant from Portugal.
  • End of South American Revolution

    End of South American Revolution
    The last major battle was the Battle of Ayachucho. It was led by Venezuelan leader Simon Bolivar. It was successful and they won their independance for South America.