Latin American Revolution

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  • Start Of The Haitian Revolution

    Start Of The Haitian Revolution
    The Revolution all started by the revolution all starting by africans wanting more freedom . The slaves wouldn't get paid , or gaven good shelter. The slaves and French. Toussaint / Dessaine
  • The Mexican Revolution

    The Mexican Revolution
    Francisco Madero led the Mexican Revolution. The Mestizos led the Mexican Revolution. It ended in September 28, 1821. They declared independence from Spain. It all started when the mestizos warned the Spanish army and the Creoles. It was successful because another leader had to take over and he was an example of how a good leader should lead.
  • The South American Revolution

    The South American Revolution
    The South American Revolution was lead by Simon Bolivar. The Spaniards led the revolution in the Encomienda system. The revolution ended in December 9, 1824. It began because the white colonists were inspired by the French Revolution to get independent control over their colonies, but the revolution became mainly about the rebellion led by slaves about against slavery. The revolution was successful because they battled it out and won.
  • The Brazilian Revolution

    The Brazilian Revolution
    It was lead by Prince Dom Pedro. It was led by the Spaniards. It ended the same day. They declared independence from France. It was a fight for nobility by the people like most of the revolutions of Latin America. They wanted to be free from the Portuguese. It was successful. Afterwards, Prince Dom Pedro was crowned emperor in Rio. They fought with much blood and motivation. Many people were killed, even people who weren't fighting.