Latin American Independence Movements Timeline Project

By sharks
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    English Colonists wanted freedom from England. England was not willing to let America become independant from mother country.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    French people were sick of Kings and Queens and wanted to apply enlightenment ideas to government.
  • Hatian Revolution

    Hatian Revolution
    Slave rebelion in Haiti, massacre of white slave masters. Slaves were tired of working for nothing.
  • Peninsular War

    Peninsular War
    Napolien's forces against Spain. For the control of Iberian peninsual. This helped to inspire the Creol people in South America to revolte against Spanish vicroyaties.
  • Argentine War of Independence

    Argentine War of Independence
    War to claim independence from Spain. Loyalist forces against the Rebels.
  • Chilean War of Independence

    Chilean War of Independence
    Chilean War of Independence was an war between pro-Independence criollos who wanted political and economic independence from Spain and royalist criollos, who supported the allegiance to the Spanish Empire. (Day is celebrated as Chilean Independance Day)
  • Uruguay Declares Independence From Spain

    Uruguay Declares Independence From Spain
    Uruguay declared independence from Spain on May 18, 1811. Independence from them was gained after The Battle of Las Piedras, where Jose Artigas and his men beseiged Buenos Aires and defeated the Spanish.
  • Brazil Declared a Kingdom

    Brazil Declared a Kingdom
    In 1815, Brazil is declared to be a kingdom (the exact date is not available, just the year...there is a date listed only because it is required that one is listed). This meant that Brazil had equal status with Portugal.
  • Argentina Declared Independence from Spain

    Argentina Declared Independence from Spain
    Group of leaders came to San Miguel de Tucuman to officialy declare independence from Spain.
  • Patria Nueva

    Patria Nueva
    Nueva was a period in the history of Chile which started with the victory of Ejército de los Andes and the Batlle of Chacabuco, on 12 February 1817 and finished with the abdication of Bernardo O'Higgins, in 1823. Itmarked the end of royalist dominance and the beginning of the new country,
  • Chilean Declaration of Independence Is Written

    Chilean Declaration of Independence Is Written
    This declaration came as a result of a number of factors, including a corrupt governor, the French occupation of Spain and growing desire for independence. And although they broke off from Spain, they were still loyal to King Ferdinand VII of Spain.
  • Pedro Stays Put in Brazil

    Pedro Stays Put in Brazil
    On this day, Prince Pedro I declared that he would stay where he was, in Rio de Janeiro. This was important because it meant that no decision for change in Brazil could be implemented without explicit consent from Pedro. Pedro declared Brazil's independence on September 7 of this same year.
  • Brazil Declares Independence

    Brazil Declares Independence
    On this day, Brazil declared its independence from Portugal. The picture at left shows Prince Pedro I, who is the actual person that did the declaring on behalf of the country. At first, not all provinces accepted Brazil's independence; at times, military force was used by Pedro I to quell any regional attacks.
  • Battle of Junín (Bolivia)

    Battle of Junín (Bolivia)
    Simon Bolívar led his army to defeat the royalists
  • Battle of Ayacucho (Bolivia)

    Battle of Ayacucho (Bolivia)
    Antonio José de Sucre led revolutionaries to defeat royalists, and captured commander Viceroy de la Serna
  • Bolivia's Independence War Declared Over

    Bolivia's Independence War Declared Over
    Antonio José de Sucre declares the independence war over, but Bolivia is not officially independent yet.
  • Bolivia's Independence Day

    Bolivia's Independence Day
    An assembly of notables voted to make Upper Peru in to a separate country, known as Bolivia. This assembly was made up of delegates who had to decide between uniting Upper Peru with Peru or Argentina, or it could become a new country.
  • Uruguay Declares Independence From Brazil

    Uruguay Declares Independence From Brazil
    Brazil conquered an area of the Banda Oriental. On April 19, 1825, a group of men called the 33 heroes, who were also assisted by Argentine troops, liberated part of the conquered area. On August 25, 1825, this area declared Independence from Brazil. This area went on to become Uruguay.
  • Treaty of Cuz-Cuz

    Treaty of Cuz-Cuz
    It was a treaty that was made of nine articles,which formed a union as well as finish the Civil War.It also offically stated that the liberal side had lost the war.
  • Uruguayan Civil War

    Uruguayan Civil War
    The Uruguayan Civil War between the Colorados and the Blancos started in 1839 and continued until 1852.