Latin America Revolution!

  • The Haitian Revolution Begins

    The Haitian Revolution Begins
    After nearly a century of suffering, the slaves of St. Domingue, now Haiti, rose up in rebellion agianst their masters.
  • Slaves win their independence!

    Slaves win their independence!
    After many years of fighting, Haiti gained their independence from France. They were the first black countery to gain their indepence, proving that freedom can be won. Toussaint Louverture led Haiti, though dying before they won.
  • The Cry of Dolores

    The Cry of Dolores
    In 1810, Miguel Hidalgo gave the famous speech, "The Cry of Dolores", calling upon the people to protect the interest of their King Fernando VII (held captive by Napoleon) by revolting against the European-born Spaniards who had overthrown the Spanish Viceroy.
  • The Execution of Hidalgo

    The Execution of Hidalgo
    Hodalgo was found guilty of treason, and was executed ny a firing squad at 7 in the morning.
  • Jose de San Martin wins Chile!

    Jose de San Martin wins Chile!
    San Martin gains independence for Chile, from Spanish rule, during Battle of Maipau.
  • Simon Bolivar wins Venezuela!

    Simon Bolivar wins Venezuela!
    In june, 1821, Simon Bolivar gains Venezuela's independence from spain.
  • Bolivar and San Martin meet!

    Bolivar and San Martin meet!
    Simon Bolivar and jose de San Martin met at the city of Guayaquil. Working together, they concluded the wars for independence in South America.
  • San Martin Meets Bolivar.

    San Martin Meets Bolivar.
    San Martin and Bolivar meet, the liberation of Latin America is left up to Bolivar and San martin retires.
  • Dom Pedro declares independence for Brazil

    Dom Pedro declares independence for Brazil
    Dom Pedro l declared the independence of Brazil and, after waging a successful war against his father's kingdom, was acclaimed on 12 October as Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil.
  • Pedro ll

    Pedro ll
    Pedro I's successor was his five-year-old son, Pedro II. Pedro II, once declared of age, managed to bring peace and stability to the country, which eventually became an emerging international power.