La Revolución Francesa

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  • Estates-Generals meet for the first time in 175 years.

    The people of France were divided into 3 social classes, or, estates.
  • National Assembly is formed.

  • Tennis Court Oath dismissed Estates-General members.

  • Storming of the Bastille.

  • The Great Fear begins.

  • Outbreak of the Paris mob/Women's March on Versailles

  • Palace of Versailles is stormed.

  • Nobility abolished by the National Assembly.

  • Dissolution of the National Assembly.

  • Legislative Assembly meets.

  • Food riots in Paris.

  • Alliance of Austria and Prussia.

  • Guillotine adopted as official means of execution.

  • Austria and Prussia invade France.

  • Louis XVI arrested alongside his family.

  • September Massacres of Parisian prisoners.

  • Dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.

  • National Convention is formed.

  • Louis XVi brought to trial, appears before the National Convention.

    Robespierre argues that "Louis must die, so that the country may live."
  • Citizen Louis Capet (formely known as Louis XVI) is guillotined.

  • Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat by Charlotte Corday.

  • Charlotte Corday guillotined for murdering Marat

  • Robespierre elected to Comittee of Public Safety.

  • Reign of Terror commences.

  • New calendar is introduced, eliminating Sundays.

  • Marie Antoinette impeached and guillotined.

  • Anti-clerical law passed, priests and supporters to be guillotined immediately.

  • Olympe de Gouges guillotined.

  • Danton and supporters arrested.

  • Danton is guillotined.

  • National Convention dissolved.

  • Executive Directory takes on power.

  • Marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine.

  • Alliance of Russia and Britain

  • Napoleon leaves Egypt.

  • Napoleon returns to France.

  • Constitution of the Year VIII - leadership of Napoleon established under the Consulate. French Revolution may be considered ended.