Jocelyn Mohammed Timeline

  • Whatsup World!

    I was born to my mom and dad in Chicago, Illinois
  • No Longer a Sevie

    I want to be in advanced art because because I think I'm good at it and I enjoy it.
  • Graduating Goals

    Before I graduate PJH I want to get straight A's, be in honors society, and join lots of sports clubs.
  • Hey Highschool

    The high school I would like to attend would be Shepard.
  • Highschool Goals

    some goals I have for Highschool are to get into honors society and join lots of clubs.
  • GPA Score

    I want my GPA to be an average of 4.0
  • Highschool Sports

    Highschool Sports
    Some clubs I would like to join in High School would be volleyball, hockey, and track and field.
  • Highschool Classes

    Some classes I hope to take are Spanish, and Info-Tech.
  • Future Obstacles

    Two Obstacles that can affect my future are not graduating, or failing my classes.
  • College

    The College I would like to attend would be DePaul University and I want to be a surgeon. The type of degree I want is a doctorate and the average salary for my job is $1 million to $1.5 milllion.
  • Graduating College

    When I graduate College one person I would want there to witness it would be my mom. I would want my mom there because I would feel accomplished.
  • Life Goals

    One goal I would have is to save multiple people's lives.
  • Life Goals

    Another goal i would want to accomplish would be to try and find a cure for cancer involving surgery.
  • Life Goals

    The next goal I would have would be to be a famous surgeon.
  • Life Goals

    Following that another goal I would like to accomplish would be to help my faily with health problems that surgery can fix.
  • Marriage Goals

    When I get married I would like to have 2 kids a boy and a girl and travel to Florida and California.
  • Death

    I would like to die at the age of 1000