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  • Period: Nov 4, 1400 to

    canada's history time line

  • Nov 4, 1497


    European exploration began with the expedition of John Cabot
  • Nov 4, 1534

    Jaques Cartier

    Jaques Cariter made three voyages across the Atlantic, claiming the land for King Francis I of France
  • Nov 11, 1550


    the name canada began to appear on maps
  • the first european settlement

    the first european settlement north of florida was established by french explorerspierrede monts and samuel de champlain first on st. croix island.
  • fortress

    champlain built a fortress
  • king charles

    king charles II of England granted the hudson's bay company exclusive trade rights.
  • battle

    france and great brittan battle for control of north america
  • peace

    the french and irquois made peace
  • First representative assembly

    First representative assembly was elected in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • defeat

    brittin defeats the french in the battles of the plains of abraham
  • PEI

    Prince Edward Island followed
  • 1774

    The British Parliament passed the Act of Quebec
  • independance

    the 13 brittish colonies to the south of quebec declare independance and form the US
  • New Brunswick

    New Brunswick followed
  • Consitutional Act

    The Consitutional Act divided the Province of Quebec into Upper Canada
  • poor land

    black nova scotians who were given poor land moved onto establish freetown sierra leone a new brittish colonie for free slaves
  • upper canada

    upper canada became the first province in the empire to move towards abolation
  • brittish parliment

    the brittsh parliment prohibited the buying and selling of slaves
  • war of 1812

    the americans and canadians fought for the border
  • americans

    americans burned government house and parliment buildings in toronto
  • fail

    the american attempt to conquer canad failed
  • rebellion

    reformers in upper and lower canada believed that progress toward full democracy was to slow
  • montreal

    the montreal stock exchange opened
  • slaves

    the brittish parliment abolished slavery throughout the empire
  • rebellions

    when armed rebellions returned in the area outside Montreal and in Toronto, the rebels didn't get enough public support to suceed
  • Upper & Lower Canada united

    Upper & Lower Canada were united as the Province of Canada