Infuences Of Latin American Independence by Arleen,Marie and Armando

  • Napeleon invades Iberia

    Napeleon  invades Iberia
    Napeleon invated portugal beacuse they would not close their ports to England
  • Spanish american Revolts Begin

    Spanish american Revolts Begin
    spanish americans had plenty of reason to revolt beacuse of political issues . peninsular spaniards normally got the best ecclesiastical and goverment offices, key positions on boards of trade .
  • Brazil raised to status of Kingdom

    Brazil raised to status of Kingdom
    spanish america underwent military upheaval and political mass mobilization during 1810s, Brazil remained relatively undisturbed under the rule of Joao VI. He declared Brazil a kingdom in 1815.
  • Liberal Revolutions in Spain and Portugal

    Liberal Revolutions in Spain and Portugal
    liberation of the common people based on Napoleon philosophy.
  • Battle of Ayacucho

    Battle of Ayacucho
    The second of these battle, Ayacucho, fought at an exhausting altitude og over then thousand feet, the patriots captured the last Spanish viceroy in America.Spanish American wars for independence were finally over.