Revolutions of Independence from Mexico to Chile

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  • Period: to

    Haiti & Sto Domingo

    1793 - 1802: Francois Dominique Toussaint - Louverture.

    1803: Jean Jacques Dessalines definitely defeated the French troops.
    1804: Declared the independence of Haiti.
    1822: Haiti submits the eastern part (Dominican Republic)
    1865: Dominican Republic achieves its independence.
  • Period: to

    Napoleon in Spain

    1799: Napoleon imprisoned forced to abdicate in his favor Carlos IV and his son Fernando VII May 5, 1808: José Bonaparte King of Spain called "PepeBotellas"
  • Period: to


    1807: Napoleon invaded Portugal, Juan VI took refuge in Brazil
    1815: Juan VI promoted a legal reform - Brazil: the territorial base of the "Empire of Brazil, Portugal and the Algarve".
    1821: Juan VI returned to Portugal, leaving his son Pedro de Braganza as governor of Brazil.
    1822: He proclaimed himself emperor of Brazil.
    1831: He abdicated and was succeeded by his son, Pedro II.
    1889: Portugal recognized its independence.
  • Period: to


    1809: Quito First Call for Independence
    1810: Quito's massacre
    1820: Independence of Guayaquil Oct 9th
    1822: Patriot Army led by Antonio José de Sucre, Pichincha's Triumph
  • American Sovereign Juntas

    American Sovereign Juntas
    Quito 1st in the history of Spanish America to proclaim the independence.
  • Period: to


    1810: Wave of hunger - Miguel Hidalgo in the town of Dolores.
    1811: Guadalajara.
    1811 - 1815: First Constitution of Mexico - José María Morelos. 1812: Plan of Iguala: Agustin Iturbide proclaims himself emperor.
    1833: Lopez de Santa Anna was proclaimed president of the Republic.
    1839: Spain recognizes independence.
  • Period: to


    1810: Buenos Aires 3 failed attempts
    1816: San Martín, United Provinces of South America
    1820: ARGENTINA Final victory Febrary 1st, 1820 Battle of Cepeda
  • Period: to


    1810: First Junta September 18th
    1814: Chile O' Higgins & San Martín Army of the Andes
    Royalist victory in RancaguaO' Higgins ran away to Mendoza Argentina
    1817: O' Higgins & San Martín crossed the Andes mountains Battle of Chacabuco
    1818: Royalist victory Cancha Rayada, Battle of Maipú
  • From Juntas to Wars

    From Juntas to Wars
    Juntas were called interim depositaries of the sovereignty until the legitimate king returned.
    Military reactions of the colonial authorities was immediate.
    Spaniards' reactions led to the polarization and the creole elites multiplied.
    The Creole reaction was increasingly strong and organized.
  • Sovereign Junta In Quito

    Sovereign Junta In Quito
    Spanish authorities repressed the first of the cities to form a Sovereign Junta in Quito
    August 2, 1810: Quito's massacre
  • Paraguay

    1811: Asunción Spontaneous Revolution Set Paraguay Free , Montevideo besiege
  • Period: to

    New Granada & Venezuela

    1817: Bolívar, Piar, Páez and others reactivated the war.
    1818: Bolivar faced and defeated Morillo in Calabozo.
    1819: Acrossed the Andes, in Pantano de Vargas battle, the independence of new Granada was sealed .
    1821: A Venezuelan's victory in the battle of Carabobo gave Venezuela its independence.
  • Period: to


    1820: San Martín leaves Chile.
    July 5th,1821: San Martín arrives Lima.
    July 28th, 1821: San Martín Declares the Independence.
    1824: Battle of Junin, Battle of Ayacucho Final victory
    December 9th, 1824
  • Period: to

    Central America

    1821: Guatemala's provinces
    United Provinces of the Center of America.
    Capital: City of Guatemala.
    1824: Central American Federal Republic.
    1838: José Francisco Morazán - separation.
    1838 - 1840: Civil War
    1841: England invaded Belize.
    1904: Panama part of the Viceroyalty of New Granada.
  • José de San Martín

    José de San Martín
    Protector of Peru
    San Martin gave Bolivar the initiative of the war
    Quit from the government of Peru & went back to Argentina
    Complete freedom of America Royalist in Perú
  • Simón Bolivar

    Simón Bolivar
    Liberator, President of Gran Colombia
    Take command of an expedition to Peru
    Battle of Junin & Battle of Ayacucho
  • Period: to

    Independence War End

    1824: Bolívar & Sucre Victory in Peru
    1825: Sucre Upper Peru - Bolivia
  • Uruguay

    1825: Uruguay entered in a war with Brazil
    Uruguay Final victory 1828
  • Period: to


    1848: Scream of Yara.
    First War of Independence called Ten Years War or Big War.
    Jose Martí organizes the Cuban Revolutionary Party.
    1898: The US declares war on Spain.
    1899: Cuba proclaimed its independence.
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    1868: The Scream of Lares.
    The rebellion is crushed in a short time.
    Puerto Rico continues within the Spanish system until the war between EE. UU and Spain.
    Puerto Rico is still administered by EE. UU and is currently an associated free state of that country .
    Consequently, it is not an independent country.