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Important events 1955-1990s

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    Important events 1955-1995

  • Richard riot

    Richard riot
    A game between the Montreal Canadians and the Detroit Red wings resulted in a fight between two players. Richard got suspended for the rest of the season, after hitting a linesmen. His fans rioted and this created great change within Quebec society in the 1960s.
  • Montreal Canadians win the stanley cup for the 5th year i na row

    Montreal Canadians win the stanley cup for the 5th year i na row
    In 1960 the Montreal Canadians had one the Stanley cup for the 5th time in a row.
  • Establishment of Canadian Flag

    Establishment of Canadian Flag
    The official ceremony inaugurating the new Canadian flag was held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Quebec highly agreed with the changing of flags, and this had been a large reason why Pearson had gone forward with the change.
  • Parti Quebecois

    Parti Quebecois
    The Parti Quebecois was formed, and it is a Quebec provincial party in Quebec, which was formed by merger by René Lévesque's Mouvement Souveraineté-Association and the Ralliement national. It's goals were to obtain political, economic and social autonomy for the province.
  • Pierre Trudeau gets elected to be Prime Minister

    Pierre Trudeau gets elected to be Prime Minister
    Pierre Trudeau, who was born in Montreal Canada, was elected to be Prime Minister of Canada in the 1968 election.
  • Montreal Expos baseball team was formed

    Montreal Expos baseball team was formed
    The Major League Baseball team was formed in 1969. It was the first MLB franchize out side of the US. In 2004 the team was moved to Washington and renamed the Washington Nationals.
  • Offical Language Act

    Offical Language Act
    A Canadian law which gives English and French Canadians equal status in the Canadian Government. This Law ensured respect for English and French Candians and ensured equal rights and privlages amoung the Federal Institution.
  • The October Crisis

    The October Crisis
    On October 5th, 1970, a Quebec independence group known as the Front de Libération de Québec had kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross and Québec minister of Labour, Pierre Laporte. In doing so they created choas among Montreal & Quebec and later were arrested for the murder of Pierre Laporte. This event had channeled Quebec politics back into democratic and law-abiding habits, although Canada and Quebec were still not on good terms they were obligated to follow the same statute.
  • The Summer Olympic Games

    The Summer Olympic Games
    The Olympic Summer Games were held in Montreal, Canada, in 1976.
  • Parti Quebecois Elected

    Parti Quebecois Elected
    In the 1976 provincial election, the Parti Québécois was elected for the first time to form the government of Quebec. It had more than 41% of the vote, and for the first time a party whose program called for independence for Quebec was in power.
  • Quebec referendum, 1980

    Quebec referendum, 1980
    The Qubec Referendum of 1980 was when the Quebec government proposed to negociate a new agreement with the rest of Canada based on the equality if nations.
  • Constitution Act of 1982

    Constitution Act of 1982
    The Constitution Act of 1982 allowed Canada to establish its own constitution under Canada and apart from the UK. Quebec was the only province that had refused to be apart of it as they felt that the proclamations did not give them much say over their province. This added to Quebecs desire of wanting to be it's own country. The 1982 Constitution also included the "Charter of Rights and Freedoms".
  • Meech Lake Accord

    Meech Lake Accord
    Was to bring Quebec into the Canadian constitution, when they didnt sighn it before in 1982
  • The Charlottetown Accord

    The Charlottetown Accord
    Was set in place to resolve the on-going disputes between the federal and provincial juristictions. It created the Canada Clause which is to set out make general values that asserted and defined the nature of the Canadian character and political society. To reconise Quebec as a distinct society, and to connect the Aborigonals with the Government.
  • Quebec Referendum of 1995

    Quebec Referendum of 1995
    The 1995 Quebec referendum was the second referendum to ask voters in the Canadian province of Quebec whether Quebec should secede from Canada and become an independent state. The result of the election voted was 50.58% "No" to 49.42% "Yes". Once again Quebec remained apart of Canada's country.