Immigration and Westward Expansion

By lwaymi
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  • Arrived in America

    Arrived in America
    When there started to be low wages in germany, I came to America. I came not only because there were low wages, but also because there was a lot of good, free land. Also, my boyfriend came to America.
  • Got a Job

    Got a Job
    After a couple of months, I ran out of money. I needed money for food so I got a job. I got my first job in America as a laundry worker, I got paid a dollar a day and I worked 10 hours a day.
  • I Moved West

    I Moved West
    I was tired of my job and decided to move. I talked to my boyfired and he said we should go west. It was a long harsh journey and it took many months.
  • Got to the West

    Got to the West
    When we got there, we signed up for a race for land in Washington. During the race, my boyfriend was about to put our flag in. But, then, someone shot him and I was left to raise the land and try and live a good life.
  • Crops Died

    Crops Died
    A harsh winter hit and drowned all of my crops, so I had to find new ones. But, unfortunately, everyone elses did too and I couldn't find a supplier quick enough. Every single person was sold out.
  • I Got Another Job

    I Got Another Job
    Because I wasn't able to get crops, I had to get a job. I became a horseman for many of my neighbors. I got paid 50 cents per 5 hours.
  • Got Another Job

    Got Another Job
    After working hard for quite a few years, I had saved up enough money to buy enough crops in order to make a living.