History of Sudan Timeline

  • Condeminium Agreement

    Condeminium Agreement
    Britain and Egypt made an agreement in which Sudan was to be under control by both of them. This a greement asted until 1960
  • Closed Didtricts Ordinances

    Closed Didtricts Ordinances
    This placedtight controls on the access to the South, the Nuba Mountains, Darfur, and Souther Blue Nile.
  • Southern Policy Abandoned

    Southern Policy Abandoned
    After the Juda Conferance was organized Southern Cheifs agreed with Northern Nationalist to persure a United Sudan. A crah program of itegregation soon followed.
    - Sudan Workseet
  • Cairo Ccnferance

    Cairo Ccnferance
    To Southerners "Sudanization was effectively "Northernization", the Southerners were represented at this conferance on the grounds that they has "no perty organization".
  • Sudan's independance

    Sudan's independance
    On this day the Praliment voted unanimously that SUdan should become a fully independant state. The british and egyptian troops left the country on January 1, 1956. That was the same day a five-men Council was appointed to take over the powers of the governer general until a new constitution is agreed.
  • Islamic Law

    Islamic Law
    When marked by a ceremony in the capital, on September 23, President Numeiry, had stocks of alcohol that was dumped in the River Nile. The introduction of the new code followed a thorough reform of the judicial system announced by President Numeiry.
  • Strikes in Sudan

    Strikes in Sudan
    Schools in Kharourm close, following student protests because of the social conditions in the capital. Strikes by doctors over low pay and the ongoing situation in the health service.
    over low pay and the deteriorating situation in the health service.
  • Change

    By Febuary there were 1 million refugee camps and airlifted into Eastern Sudan on flights financed or provided by the United States of America, Sweden and by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Items delivered included 20,000 tents, 83,000 blankets, 19,000 water containers, 7 water tanks, and 6 water storages.
  • Nimeiri Overthrown

    Nimeiri Overthrown
    Neimeiri was overthrown due to the collapsing economy, the civil was, and the political repression.
  • Islamicization

    As part of an Islamicization campaign, Presidant Nimeiri introduced that traditionalIslamic punishments from the Islamic Law would be included in the penal code.