Sudan (2)

History of Sudan

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  • Period: to

    Turko-Eygptian Rule of Sudan

    This is when Egypt and Turkey joined hands and conquered Sudan, They made the Sudanese farm cotton and heavily taxed them, the benefits from this rule is also that they made trade establishments with other countries, Sudan leaders were reestablished, (ppt)
  • Period: to

    British Colonization of Sudan

    The british conquered Sudan, restored the law there, changed the infrastructure, helped the economy grow, and instituted a modern government. They also passed the Southern Policy that split Sudan into 2 halves, and developed the north and ignored the south. This was a main cause that made the civil wars in Sudan. (ppt)
  • Britain’s Southern Policy in Sudan

    Britain’s Southern Policy in Sudan
    image of SudanIt was the policy that divided the country into the north and the south, the british developed the north and ignored the south. This sparked the civil wars yet to come in Sudan. (ppt) image (
  • Period: to

    1st Civil War in Sudan

    This war was created because many southern leaders wanted to separate the south from the north. The north was supplied by the Soviet Union while the south was supplied by Israel. Israel also trained Anya Nya recruits, too. (ppt)
  • Sudan’s Independence from Britain

    Sudan’s Independence from Britain
    Image Signaling FreedomAfter their independence from Britain, the first civil war in Sudan had started a year ago and ended in 1972. When the british set up the central government in Sudan, they had 800 government officials, but only 4 of the officials were from Southern Sudan. (ppt)
  • Anya Nya is Created

    Anya Nya is Created
    Anya Nya of Southern SudanImage of Anya NyaThis was the main rebel group of Southern Sudan in the first civil war. The rebels of this group were trained in Israel when they were trying to give Southern Sudan supplies. Anya Nya means "snake/scorpion venom".
  • Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan

    Nimeiri Becomes President in Sudan
    Image of NimeiriThis president was corrupt and abolished all other political parties except his own, although he ended the 1st civil war in Sudan. Although, he didn’t recognize some parts in the peace agreement in 1972 that ended the 1st civil war while he was introducing Sharia law. With this, he made another civil war instead. (ppt)
  • Oil is First Discovered in Sudan

    Oil is First Discovered in Sudan
    Image of OilPeople found oil in Southern Sudan, and they were excited because now they might not have poverty in their country. Although, the north took the oil from South Sudan and sent it to North Sudan instead. These oil fields also become great resource spots for the rebels to get oil in the 2nd Civil War. (ppt)
  • SPLM/A is Created

    SPLM/A is Created
    Image of SPLM/AIt is the name of rebel movement in South Sudan. They are active during the 2nd civil war of Sudan. SPLM/A is short for Sudanese People's Movement/ Army. (ppt)
  • Period: to

    2nd Civil War in Sudan

    This was the 2nd civil war in Sudan that left 2.5 million people dead and 4 million homeless. In this war resources was a big factor. South Sudan had discovered oil fields 5 years ago and they also have easy access to the Nile for water, (ppt) while the North lacks in resources and has limited access to the Nile.
  • Major Famine in Sudan

    Major Famine in Sudan
    Image of FamineIt occurred during the Second Civil War in Sudan. The present president in Sudan didn’t give famine release to Southern Sudan for he feared he may be making the rebels stronger. Although, there were also innocent people in Southern Sudan, so they suffered also as well. (ppt)
  • Period: to

    Omar Al-Bashir, the President of Sudan

    Omar Al-Bashir abused freedom of press, eliminated unions, and also banned all other political parties except his own. He also contributed to the genocide in Darfur. With this, he is wanted by the ICC (International Crimes Court) for crimes against humanity. He is the current president of Sudan and is still in office. (ppt)
  • Period: to

    Darfur Conflict Starts

    There was genocide in Darfur. This genocide was known as Janjaweed, where men with guns on camelback or horseback raid villages. (ppt)
  • ICC Declares Genocide in Sudan

    ICC Declares Genocide in Sudan
    Image of Protest about Genocide In SudanIn 2004 America declared the Janjaweed incident in Darfur is an act of genocide, although they didn’t take much action in preventing it. The genocide in Darfur was the consequence of standing up and fight along side South Sudan against Northern Sudan. Darfur entered the civil war as an ally of Southern Sudan because they had also been ignored by the government because their area doesn't have any resources the government wants. (ppt)
  • South Sudan's Independence

    South Sudan's Independence
    Image of the Flag of Southern SudanThe world's newest country, Southern Sudan. Southern Sudan achieved independence on the 9th of July, 2011. It is the youngest country of the world since Eritrea splitted from Ethiopia in 1993. Although, there are still some provinces around the borders like Abyei, which contains some oil fields in it, that are still unsure what side to join. (ppt)