History of South Sudan

  • Sudan gained independence from Britain

  • Period: to

    First Sudanese Civil War

  • Oil is First Discovered in Unity Sate in southern sudan.

  • Period: to

    Second Sudanese Civil War

  • Darfur Conflict Starts

    The conflict was between the Northern Government and rebel groups. The conflict was about the rebel protesting that black African ethnic groups are being mistreated by the Muslim central government. The conflict is still happening until now.
  • Period: to

    Power-Sharing government is formed in Khartoum.

  • South Sudan Independence Day

    On July 9, 2011 people of south Sudan have celebrated the birth of their new nation. All over southern Sudan, people converged on the new capital Juba to hear the declaration of independence and take part in various events. The indepence followed a January 2011 referendum, in which southern Sudanese overwhelmingly voted for secession from the north.
  • 200,000 refugees escape.

    200,000 refugees flee into South Sudan to escape fighting between Sudanese army and rebels in Sudan's southern border states.