History of Canada : Confederation

  • Repeal of Corn Laws

    1846 - 1854
    - Great Britan changed its economic policies and favoured free trade
    - Tariffs were removed on certain itemstraded between British North America colonies and Great Britain
    - hard times in the British North America colonies started
  • Reciprocity Treaty: Period of Free Trade

    1854 - 1866
    - certain resources coukd be traded between the Bristh North America colonies and the United States without tariffs (taxes).
    -- the economic situation in British North America colonies improved
  • Political Deadlock in the United Province of Canada

    1857 - 1864
    -politcal deadlock occurred quite frequently in the legislative assembly in the United Province of Canada
    - made it difficult to pass important laws
  • Gold in the Fraser River Valley

    • gold rush on the lower fraser river brought 30 000 miners to New Caledonia.
    • Most of the miners came from the US
  • The British Colony of British Columbia

    • Douglas convinced the British to make the territory of New Caledonia into the colony of British Columbia becasue he heard about the lawlessness during the califronia glod rush ; didnt want the same to happen to British Terrutory
  • Charlottetown Conference

    • New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and the United Province of Canda attended the Conference
    • discussed the formation of a united canada and considered uniting in a central government
    • decided to have another conference in one month
  • Quebec Conference

    • delegates from the United Province of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
    • a list called the Seventy - Two Resolutions was created ( Canada would be built on the basis of the seventry - two resolutions )
  • Cancellation of the Reciprocity Treaty

    • between 1854 - 1865 there was free trade between Brisitsh North America Colonies and the United States ( agricultural and raw materials were sold without paying high tariffs)
    • in 1865 the United States ended the reciprocity treaty which cancelled free trade between British North America colonies and the United States
  • Colony of British Columbia

    • colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia were united under the name of British Columbia
  • London Conference

    December 1866 - February 1867
    - needed to present the seventy- two resolutions, on february 12 1867 sevetny two resolutions passed through the house of commons and house of lords quickly
    - May 22 1867, Queen Victoria announced that the Domion of Canada would be created
  • Confederation of Canada

    • United Province of Canda,Nova Scotia, New Brunswick joined confederation to create the Domion of Canada