Historic Timeline

  • The First meeting in 175 years about the Estates-General

  • Period: to

    History Timline

  • Voted to establish the National Assembly

  • Noblemen made grand speeches declaring their love of liberty and equality

  • The National Assembly adopted a statement of revolutionary ideals called "A Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen"

  • Approximately 6,000 Parisian woman rioted over the rising price of bread

  • Louis XVL and his family tried to escape from France to the Austrain Netherlands

  • Legislative Assembly responded by declaring war

  • The Prussian commander threatened to destroy Paris

  • the National Convention meeting quickly abolished the monarcky and declared France a republic

  • Ex-king walked with calm dignity up the steps of the scaffold to be beheaded

  • The National Conventional decreed a draft into the army of 300,000 French citizens between the ages of 18-40

  • Napoleon sighned a devree odering a blockade

  • The 2 armies finally clashed in the Battle of Borodino

  • Napoleon attackes Waterloo