Heather Mac's Timeline

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    Employment Timeline

  • Volunteer Work Completed

    During the summer after I finished grade 8, I volunteered at Pets Friends for Life here in St. Thomas for 52 hours all together throughout the summer.
  • Awards

    I recieved a plaque for getting an above 80% average throughout grade 9, the award for Family Studies in Grade 9 and the Math award.
  • Resume Completed

    I want to make my resume before summer so I can apply for jobs in the summer and hand them out early to increase my chances of getting hired.
  • Job Interview

    Go to my first job interview and do a good job! :) Hopefully get the job, and start some time early in summer.
  • Work Experience(s)

    Get work experience at my first job, such as a fast food resturant / cashier and make some money in the summer.
  • High School Graduation

    Graduate from Parkside with all my friends and good grades. Graduating with a scholarship to University would be nice. :)
  • Special Achievements

    Get a scholarship before I graduate from high school to help me pay for university.
  • Buy my First Car

    Buy my first car so I have my own means of transportation to get to University and back home.
  • Start of Post-Secondary School

    Start post-secondary school at Western University, to start becoming a primary teacher. http://www.uwo.ca/
  • Completion of Post-Secondary School

    Graduate from post-secondary school within five years and without too much debt.
  • Move out of my Parents' House

    Move out of my parents' house once I get a job and can support myself once I've graduaded from University and look for my own place.
  • Rent my First Apartment / House

    Get my own place to live after I finish school and have time to work and support myself.
  • Start Career

    Get a job as a primary teacher and start working to pay off thhe debt from University and to support myself.
  • Life Change (Family)

    Start thinking about starting a family once I am in a stable economic situation and living on my own with a job.