Guatemalan History After Independence

By drggua
  • Before Independence

    Before Independence
    Captain General Jose de Bustamante (spain) ruled the Kingdom of Guatemala from 1811 to 1818 and repressed all moves toward independence,
  • The Central American Federation Collapse.

    The Central American Federation Collapse.
    The Central American Federation dissolved in the civil war from 1838 to 1840.
  • Resignation of Jorge Ubico

    Resignation of Jorge Ubico
    On July 4, 1944, Dictator Jorge Ubico Castañeda was forced to resign his office in response to a wave of protests and a general strike.
  • Another General Down.

    Another General Down.
    General Juan Federico Ponce Vaides, was later also forced out of office on October 20, 1944
  • Earthquake

    On February 4, 1976, a major earthquake destroyed several cities and caused more than 25,000 deaths. In 1978, in a fraudulent election, General Romeo Lucas García assumed power.
  • Guerrilla

    1979 saw the birth of two new guerrilla organizations
  • Attack on Spanish

    Attack on Spanish
    In 1980, a group of indigenous K'iche' took over the Spanish Embassy to protest army massacres in the countryside.
  • Alvaro Colom

    Alvaro Colom
    Guatemala has a new president.
  • New Elections

    New Elections
    Elections of new president. President is unknown until now.