Avid Exam

  • GPA

    Athletics- A (100)
    Social Studies- B (82)
    Language Arts- C (79)
    Math- B (81)
    Science-B (80)
    Avid-A (98)
    Spanish Ap-B (81) 2x4=8
    2x1=2 =19/7= 3.14 GPA
  • Understanding and Transitioning into High School.

    The Transition into High School come with exams.
    ALL grade levels require a sort of Math, Reading, and Writting. Credits Needed For high school
    12th-19+=22 or more credits for graduation. Clubs, Activities, and Sports are for all grade Levels 9-12. Average Homework Portions for Ap classes=3-4hr. +1hr. per year.
    Regular classes=2 1/2 +1hr. per year
  • Mind plan

    Dropping phone usage
    Dropping bad influences
    Using time wisely
  • Educational plan

    Passing grades.
    High test scores
    Social skills
  • Long term plan

    Get straight A's and aim towards McDermott scholarship. I plan to drop all bad influences and go independent when it comes to thinking. I plan to not give up and go to any necessary help when needed. In order to achieve the long term goal I must get
    • straight A's
    •high SAT and ACT
    • Top 5% In the school
    •community service and social skills
    • interactions with adults and broad interest
    • Leadership, no drugs, COLLEGE
  • Short term plan

    Get top 5% in my school Dropping phone usage. • good grades
    • tutoring
    • high grades
    • club involvement
    • president for any important clubs or programs
    • leadership and atmosphere
    • work turned in on time
  • 9th grade plan

    Exam preparations for 9th grade
    Math, reading, spelling, writing, grammar. I plan to take my PSAT in 9th grade and see my grade and work on any improvement needed with the teacher. I will work on anything needed for a successful 9th grade year with my counselor to have a good GPA. I plan to be involved in many clubs that will be benificial to the looks of my college resume and activities that are available for me and in order I'll have to maintain behavior and academic prioritys.
  • 10th grade plan

    Exam preparation are comprehension and study skills, time management, community and activity. For 10th grade I plan to re-take my PSAT or ACT if failed in 9th grade. I plan to start looking for college scholarships with the counselor. I plan to earn more credits and community service hours .
  • 11th grade

    Take all three PSAT ACT and SAT and try them again if failed in 12th grade.
    Register for tests.
    Visit college campus get reccomedations from Teacher. Reach all goals
  • 12th grade

    Make sure to have all test completed and passed at best score. Have life planned out. Have all money problems sorted out and be prepared for college plan.
  • Expectational Homework hours and credits

    9th- 3-4 hours per night / 5
    10th- 4-5 hours per night/ 5.5-11.5
    11th- 4-5 hours per night / 12-18.5
    12th - 5-6 hours per night/ 19+ = 22 credits total