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  • Je me souviens

    Samuel de Champlain found Quebec City, the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New France.
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    government timeline

  • Acadian Hot Potato

    Great Britain and France signed the Treaty of Utrecht in the Netherlands, ending the 1702–1713 War of the Spanish succession.
  • The Calm after the Seven Years' Storm

    The Treaty of Paris ended the Seven Years' War (1756–1763), the first global war, fought in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, India, Southeast Asia and West Africa.
  • Responsible Trendsetters

    In January, Nova Scotia became the first colony in the British Empire to achieve responsible government. The cabinet of the new premier, James Boyle Uniacke, depended for its authority on the votes of a majority of members elected to the Legislative Assembly.
  • Rebellion on the Red

    In the 1860s, the Hudson's Bay Company agreed to transfer sovereignty over the vast North-West to Canada. Louis Riel and the Métis population were concerned that their land rights and culture would be ignored. In the Red River Rebellion (1869-1870), Riel established a representative provisional government in the Red River settlement (the present-day Winnipeg area). In 1870, the Canadian government passed the Manitoba Act.
  • Supremacy Can Wait

    Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald and others wanted to create a Supreme Court for Canada after Confederation, but political opposition stalled the passage of the Supreme and Exchequer Courts Act until 1875.
  • Today

    Our system continues to change along with the needs of the people of Canada.