Goals Timeline

  • Win State tennis for MN

  • Graduate from Highschool with good grades

  • Get in to and go to a good college

  • Finish college successfully

  • Period: to


  • Buy an apartment

    Hopefully a nice apartment. And it will be a big step in my life, first time living completely alone.
  • Become a doctor (Interventional Radiologist)

    I've always wanted to be a doctor just like my parents.
  • Get married

    I want to have a family.
  • Buy a dog

    I like big dogs.
  • Have a family

  • Hang out with friends

  • teach my children how to play sports

  • Move close to my sisters

    Family is very important to me.
  • Go to church every Sunday

    Religion is very important.
  • Buy a vacation home somewhere warm

    I have always wanted one and with the job I have I can afford one, maybe even two.
  • Watch the children grow up

    see them do well in school and sports and have fun.
  • have my family come visit for the holidays

    I want to see them and hear from them alot.
  • Stay in touch with family

  • Try and Stay active

    I want to continue to be healthy and active.
  • Become the best Grandma

    Hopefully I will have grandchildren and I will do my best to be a great grandma.
  • Leave no stone unturned

    I want to have a good fulfilling life.