Goals for my life

  • Horizon Acadomy

    Horizon Acadomy
    I want to get into the Health Science Acadomy at Horizen. It will help prepair me for the medical field. It will also look good on my aplication, and will help expose me to things in the medical field.
  • Get a car

    Get a car
    I would like to get a car. I am thinking about getting a jeep. Now days you practicaly need a car to get around. It is helpful to have, because it makes geting around a lot easyer.
  • Finish High school

    Finish High school
    Graduate from Millard North Hischool. Preferably with high honors. I want to graduate so I can go to college
  • Go to college

    Go to college
    Get accepted into college. I haven't decided where yet but I want to stay close to home. So I will probably go to school here in Omaha. I will be sure to have some scolarships as well. I want to finish college so I can get a good job
  • Go to Africa

    Go to Africa
    I want to go on a missions trip in Africa. When I was in 3rd grade I had a dream of going on a missions trip to Africa and have wanted to go on one ever since. I want to go there and help as many people as possible and then some more. I have so much and there are others who have nothing. I want to do my part and help them out.
  • Move out

    Move out
    Will move out of my parents place and live on my own. Actualy I will get a place with one of my friends. Moving out is a part of growing up so I will defenitly do it.
  • Get apartment

    Get apartment
    When I move out of my parents place I need a place to live. I don't quite want to buy a house right away. That is more for settleing down. So I would like to get an apartment. Then of course there is also fact that it would be cheaper.
  • Get a Boat

    Get a Boat
    I love going to the lake and boating. I always have fun and make great memories. So I want to buy a boat and be able to drive one so I can go boating a lot. Skiing and tubing or just plaine boating is so much. I want to have many family memories of going boating.
  • Graduate from college

    Graduate from college
    I want to graduate from college, and move on to med-school. I will graduate with a high gpa. This will help me get a good job
  • Go to Coral Reefs

    Go to Coral Reefs
    I really want to swim in the coral reefs. I think they one of the most beautiful things ever. It would be a memorable experience. I have also always wanted to see the ocean and this would be a fun way to see it.
  • Finish Med. School

    Finish Med. School
    I will finish med school, and start my carrer in the medical field. This will help prepare me for my career.
  • Get Career Job

    Get Career Job
    Start my career in the medical field. I am thinking of going into physical theripy. So I will want a job as an actual physical theripest. I have always liked helping people and this would be a job that I could do that
  • Buy my first house

    Buy my first house
    I will buy my first house. It will be a decent sized house with a big yard and it will be in Nebraska. The house will be close to a lake.
  • Get married

    Get married
    I want to find that special someone and spend the rest of my life with him. It has alway been something I have looked forward to.
  • Have a kid

    Have a kid
    I want to have a kid because it is something I want. I want to be a mother someday. My mom says it is the most difficult and most rewarding job in the world. So it is something I look forward to.
  • Have a kid

    Have a kid
    I would want another kid. If i have another kid then my first child would have someone to be with. Then they could have a special sybling relationship like have with my brothers and sister. I am very close with my syblings and their opinion matters very much to me and I would like my kids to be the same way.
  • Adopt

    I would love to adopt. I want to take in a child who has no one and love and help him or her. I love kids and want to help as many as I can. I like the old saying "the more the merrer."
  • Get a dog

    Get a dog
    I have always liked Germansheperds and wanted one. I will even pay out the extra money to make sure it is a very well behaved dog. It will also need to be good to the kids, because they will still be young and probably be in that stage where they all want a puppy. And everyone needs to have experience of their first dog.
  • Period: to

    Send childeren to college

    I want to send all my kids to college on time, and to the college of their choice. It is important to me that they have a good education. I want them to do well in life and be succesful. That doesn't mean be extreamly wealthy or famous, but that they are happy and doing well.
  • See my kids get married

    See my kids get married
    I want to see my kids get married. It is a big part in their lives and I want to a apart of it.