• Start my Short-term SMART Goal

    My short-term goal is to achieve a 3.0 GPA for first semester of school. I will have met my goal when the semseter ends and I have a 80% average in all my classes. If I study, turn in my homework, and stay for office hours, I should achieve this. It will be worth doing these things inmstead of hanging out with friends all the time because it will affect my future. I would like to see these results by the end of the first semester in December.
  • Period: to

    Achieve 3.0 GPA for first semester

  • Pay Attention

    I want to pay attention throughout the year in class so i can learn the information.
  • Homework

    I would like to spend an hour each day during the school week on homework, and an hour on weekends.
  • Office Hours

    I am going to go to office hours at least once a week to stay caught up and understand the lessons for all my classes.
  • Studying

    I want to study for every test that I have
  • Study Groups

    If i have a class with someone who is also wanting to study, we can have study groups to learn the information.
  • Goal Accomplished?

    By now i hopefully have accomplished my SMART goal by completing these steps.